Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

a Dance with Dragons

VS Elves

in the forest of galahir, the orkish army tied to occupy it against the Elve army.

Kraspeck , kings of the orcs took a big dragon, but the elves had their own dragon.

A very fierce and mercyless batlle in the deepness of the forest

The orkish dragon against elven dragon
Orkish army on move!
the elves guards rooted orcs chariots! a deasaster!
a long battle beetween green lady and grandgousier. This little chipie won the battle becasue she's very perfide!
The terrible charge of elvens lancers and dragons !!
fierce struggle on the center of the map!
battle beetween two dragons. The clever and lovely and beautiful orkish dragons salughtered the nasty and cruel and stupid elven dragon!
in the end of the battle the dragon occupied the forest objectif on the center of the map

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