Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

A Paladin walks into a forest

King Smack-Git
VS Forces of Basilea

So I finally got to play against a non elf army in this campaign! And since he had decent sized force I got to get out more of my Goblins!

We went with the default scenario for the forest, but since we forgot that I'm supposed to go first, I am reporting this as a Secure scenario.

I didn't have time to take as many pics, so this report will be somewhat less detailed than my previous ones.

Goblin Deployment

The Big Rocks Thrower is off camera to the left in the corner, where I had multiple targets. Next is the Troll horde, Mincer, Wiz with King Smack-Git himself behind him, a Spitter horde and Sharpstick Thrower, facing the Basilean infantry. I placed my Giant behind to woods to keep it out of sight, and allow it to charge unhindered anything that enters the forest, or to charge out of the woods at a later point.
Further off next to the hill I placed my Sharpsticks, with a flaggit and War Trombone behind them, a regiment of Rabble and my Fleabag Riders.

Basilean Deployment

From the far left, the Basileans have the Abess on panther, next to a troop of Sisterhood on panthers, a horde of Elohi and a regiment of Paladin Knights. The Infantry wing of the army starts with a regiment of Paladins on foot, a horde of Men-at-Arms with spears and another Paladin foot regiment, backed up by a Standard Bearer and a Phoenix.

Battle Begins

For the first couple of turns the armies moved towards each other, trying to keep out of charge range. Since the Goblins had the only shooting (aside from the phoenix's breath attack) they fired as often as possible, but mostly did little damage. In the middle the Giant and the Paladin Knights played chicken over who got the first charge. On the goblins left side next to the hill, I tried to move the Rabble forward to be a tempting target, but my opponent didn't take the bait, and as I moved forward, eventually the Elohi flew over my battle line behind my troops. At the same time I had built up enough damage on the Paladin cavalry to rout them.

Turn 3

This led to a tense fight where the Elohi and the Abess had put enough damage on the Fleabag Riders to make routing them possible on anything but a double one. And in a classic Kings of War moment, he rolled a snake eyes.

This allowed my giant to hit the unit in the flank.

Turn 4

After managing to destroy the Elohi, I essentialy had that side of the board secured (aside from an annoying phoenix which kept surviving my War Trombone shots).

On the other end of the battlefield, the extended staring contest finally led to my Trolls charging one of his Paladin on foot regiments. This regiment had also taken a giant rock hit the previous turn, so it was easy for the Trolls to bring it up to a double ones situation.

And in a moment of perfect Karma I rolled a double one.


Final Thoughts

In the final scores, I controlled a Forest and a barracade, whilst my opponent only controlled a barracade, leading to a 3-1 win.

Now I should confess that my opponent was pretty new to this game (this was his 2nd battle) but I hope he learnt some strategy from this close contest. If nothing else he experienced his first snake eyes nerve roll, which is an important rite every Kings player must go through.

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