Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Send Those fiends Back to Hell!!

2000+ POINTS
King Ramhorn
VS Forces of the Abyss
Neil T'Bu'su
Rangers Vanguard into the forest, glimpsing their demonic foe in the trees and letting loose a flurry of bolts from their light crossbows, with Herneas supporting fire. The Berserker Lord Vultan positions himself to ambush foes who emerge on the west side.
The Bulwarkers position themselves in the stream and taunt the lower abyssals to come at them, their stout boots planted firmly in the river bed and their weapons fixed. The Steel Behemoth 'Bronze Bessie' moves forward to flame anything that moves in the trees.
The dread fiends advance..
Battle is joined in the forest!

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King Ramhorn