Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

The Final Defeat of Jai Z'Hu'S the Perfidious Archfiend of Skallahira

2000+ POINTS
King Ramhorn
VS Forces of the Abyss
Jai h'zu's
The armies were arrayed in front of each other. Foul Larvae wriggled, Hellhounds yelped and yowled, Succubi cackled, but the Dwarfs stood silently in their ranks, the only sound was the hiss of Bronze Bessie's steam boiler..
The full might of the Abyss advanced toward the Dwarfs. Tortured Souls leading the way and a jelly like, quivering Chroneas..
The Dwarf battle line is neat and orderly, as Greville Ramhorn prefers it.
The Sharpshooters and Organ gun obliterated the Tortured Souls, sending them back to the Abyss for another eternity of torment. Brogin's Ironclad charged the Hellhounds in the flank and wiped them out, while Durgin's men advanced with the Rangers.
Seizing the initiative, the Bulwarkers and Bronze Bessie advance, with covering fire from the Rangers!
Jai z'hus lurks behind the ruins, while the Bulwarkers countercharge the Abyssal Guard in the copse, wiping them out completely and steadying for a charge from the Molochs..
Vultan the Magnificent charges the Chroneas but is unable to put much of a dent in it's rubbery hide.
The cowardly Archfiend Jai H'Zu's charges Vultan and wounds him grievously! This seems to enrage the Berserker Lord more than hurt him as he redoubles his efforts and smashes the Chroneas into a mass of quivering jelly. An organ gun and Herneas' shots took care of Jai H'Zu'S..
The dwarves await the onrush of gibbering monstrosities. They know their fates, which are to fight and die for the Green Lady..

Breville Ramhorn sighed inwardly. Was there to be no end of fiends pouring from this fiery gash?! He had already vanquished a vast horde posing as Abyssal allies, now another host teemed forth toward his encampment in Galahir.
These ones however were led by an old foe. Jai H' Zu'S the Archfiend of Skallahira. The beast had reportedly come back from the dead after being reported to have been nailed to a cross by the Brotherhood of Ludovic Tyr. Typical shoddy human workmanship...probably used a wooden cross thought Breville, steel would have been better.
He glanced to his side and saw that Vultan the Magnificent had seen the presence of the feathered beast on the battlefield and was readying his Hammer of Beast Slaying for the purpose of pounding it's skull to dust.
All along the line, the Dwarfs made ready with typical efficiency and stoicism. They had made a pledge to defend Galahir for the Green Lady and that was what they were going to do.

And make a final end to these Abyssals..

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