Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Invasion of the Body Snatchers!

2000+ POINTS
King Ramhorn
VS Forces of the Abyss
Countess Brass
Neville 'Gnasher' Ramhorn crashes into the monstrous abomination, causing it grievous wounds and taking some in return. The damn thing resisted until Herneas shot it through the eye later..
Bulwarkers and Rangers hold the centre, supported by Organ guns to their left
Barka's Brocks take on the enemy heavy infantry head on and rout them. Herneas' rangers and Bannick Kholearm take a little longer with the horde of rabble!
The far left flank soon becomes a bloody battle
Greville Ramhorn disrupts the enemy's lines and shrugs off the effects of Wavering, only finally succumbing to the Ratkin elite soldiers charging him in the rear...typical..
Heavy infantry advances forward in cover - they haven't reckoned on the keen eyes of our Sharpshooters
Unstoppable Force meets Immoveable Object! Who will prevail...?
The enemy's left flank is full of foul beasts and baying hounds as well as arcane machineries of death!
Bronze Bessie is charged by the foul machine of the enemy's allies. Our stout steel construction soon demolished their shoddy imitation!
Machines of War clash with bloody results!
The enemy heavy cavalry crashes into Durgin's Ironclad holding the Crystal Pendant of Retribution. They sold their lives to inflict 5 wounds, which would ultimately help later when Herneas delivered the killer shots to remove them from the field.
Heavy cav charges the Ironclad who prepare to sell their lives dearly
The enemy's light cavalry is finally surrounded and destroyed by our 'Net of Steel'
Bronze Bessie holds off the Shock Troop horde long enough for the rest of the army to reach enemy territory. With another turn, she may have routed them!
The dwarfs have cleared the way and advance into the enemy held territory, pushing them back for miles to their supply lines

King Greville consulted with Bronze Bessie's engineer, who was peering into the machine's radar screen. It showed the movement of troops in the area as red blips pf light. Greville was expecting to join up with the Varangur allies who had pledged to help drive the abyssals back to their hellish grotto. Greville had met with their leader Magnilde and had hammered out the terms of the alliance (dwarfs do this literally - into iron plates) and Herneas' keen eyed scouts had reported Varangur troops were approaching the camp. Greville thought he'd just check all was well.
'Sir, there's an anomaly here. Those are not Varangur' The engineer's face looked puzzled.
'What on earth do you mean Butch? How can you tell? Greville frowned - he was a fighter not a rune priest, he didn't understand the strange rune magic of the Behemoth.
'Well if they were Varangur, they'd be green Sir. Red means.....Abyssals'.
A messenger hurried in. 'News from Magnilde sir. She reports her troops have been delayed for 4 days by a Ratkin ambush.'
Greville was horrified. The demons must have been using foul sorceries of disguise, knowing they were expecting the Varangur to join them. Luckily dwarf engineering magic had seen through their disguise.
'Sound the alarm. Tell Herneas to deploy his Rangers and lay down suppression fire. And get Bannick Kholearm in here!'

Greville picked up his magical Hammer of Flight and prepared to soar aloft to see for himself this dastardly tactic. The hammer soon took him to cloud level. To the naked eye the troops advancing looked like humans. But he knew this wasn't the case. Damn their eyes! The situation was confirmed as he saw mounds of earth being heaped up and foul ratmen poured from underground tunnels to join their allies.
There's no rest for a dwarf, Greville thought, and plunged into the fray.

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