Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Bulwark of Light again rising tide of darkness

VS Goblins
The Bulwark of Light

This battle was part of second round of International campaign day. The light side defended fortress again forces of darkness.
I had my loyal mage Commander Avatavarno the Stormcaller (horse, he has bane chant (2), lighting bolt (5) and Stormcaller staff (healing brew + inspiring talisman + Scarletmaw’s Fenulian Amulet) and increase defense on 5+).
My opponent had goblin wiz on fleabag with De 5+, bane chant, blood boil and unknown item (+2 lighting bolt, rallying (1) and Myrddin’s Amulet of the Fire-heart).

The defending side had overwhelming advantage in relocation up to two terrain to defend the fortress. I chose hill behind forest. This advantage was so good that my evil opponent nearly gave up before battle... but he is fighter, so he just took it as a challenge.
I was not sou optimistic with my chances, because i know enemy strength in mass of goblins and their barrage of shooting.

Treachery! What could we thought about these "peace talking"!
To arms my fellow comrades! We have to hold the gate to keep before reinforcement come! Fortify this hill and forest, we will make this place our last stand! The command from mage Avatavarno carry over heads of brave elves.

Before the work was done, plain on other side just become black by swarm of goblins. They didn´t wait to form units... they just moved like tide of darkness. First valley of crude arrows and rocks was falling to the elven lines.

1. goblin turn
1. goblin´s turn

Elves didn´t falter and return valley of arrows and lighting bolts to the goblin lines. First ranks fall under salvo but others just come and crush their comrades under their feet . One unit of mawbeast disappeared, burned by might of lighting.
Brave princess rode to knock out crude goblin catapult, which bombard elves on the hill.

1. elven turn

Goblins surprised by the elven barrage slow down their advance, but the shooting just increase and many brave elves fell.

2. goblin´s turn

Elves retook initiative and gradually destroyed goblins left flank.
The victory was near! Just few more push and there will not be this wretched enemy!

2. elven turn
3. goblin´s and elven turn (goblin´s mincer moved forward to lure my cavalry from a cover)

But the victory wasn´t near. The falter of goblin lines was just sham to lure elven warriors from cover. First victim was cavalry slaughtered by valley of hot lead, second was unit of archers thorn by arrows and lightnings.

4. goblin´s turn

Elven defense momentarily collapsed under heavy blow, but with surprised flanking charge to wretched machine by princess, their spirit rise again like a phoenix from ashes. Other goblin paid prize for their insolence.

4. elven turn

Goblins mass for last charge to force themselves through elven sparse line. The crush was overwhelming, but spear wall held their position.

5. goblin´s turn

The trolls were massacred by salvo.

5. elven turn

But trolls were just decoy for sneaky wizards, who rode around for keep´s gate.
Meanwhile, last salvo of arrows and rocks crushed elven archers and crazy goblin standard bearer charge one mage.

6. goblin´s turn
Crazy goblin charge (he did 1 wound and both other mages couldn´t turn to kill wizards behind the hill)

Avatavarno roared in frustration when these sneaky wizards slip through elven lines, but in few moments after he heard their screams when were slaughter by arriving reinforcements.

Post-battle thoughts:
As I wrote at beginning, even with advantage of fortify location, it wasn´t piece of cake. My opponent pushed hard and took any trick to broke the line. Even he took heavy looses, he knew that goblin army can push forward and reduce enemy force by sheer shooting arsenal. The goblin army is very deadly because of it´s reliability when you reduce possibilities of yellow-bellied.

The battle was amazing with many turning points. Last goblin charge was just pearl on cake :)

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