Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Desert torrent of magic

2000+ POINTS
VS Undead

Dessert torrent of magic

Elven contingent was send to help to crush rising power of Empire of Dust at desert of Hokh-Man.

Even on road to these lands was feel rising torrent of magic. Elven magicians were nearly overwhelm by the new possibilities. So they could´t sense rotting presence of undead army. Nor scouts, which were unfamiliar with terrain. When a scout reach another top of dune, he was struck by scene before him. Whole undead army on the march. Even he signal the danger, he was detect by enemy force.

Elven command swear, because this landscape suitable for his shooting battalion. The dunes and nearby oasis palms cover main body of undead army. Worse was warning from mages, who suspect danger of necromantic power of surge and rising fallen. He place archers with battery of bolt throwers on far right flank with mages under cover one heavy cavalry. Center was hold by bulk of spearmen and another heavy cavalry. On left side was position small detachment of archers. General place himself in the center.
As presume, main heavy body of undead army was cover behind dunes and palms. Few enemy zombies were seen on rich flank.

Battle map (upper side - undeath deployment, down side - elven deployment)

Elves took initiative. On right side, elven archers with mages moved to firing range and pathfinder cavalry seize little oasis. Center line made little move to better position again enemy a little detachment of archers moved to nearby palms for shooting on ghosts.
Battle began with barrage of arrows and overpowered lightnings. Zombies were tore apart by power of primer lighting.
Undead cautiously moved to charging positions but they were careful again clear bait in form small unit of archers. Caution was so strong they miss their chance to crush elven center with minimum loses. Thus elven right shooting wing was able to re position theme self to use this advantage. Undead cavalry paid dearly for this. But that was signal for others to make a difference. Massive charge of wrights, ghouls and bloody dragon was devastating. Center line was able to hold for needed time for another barrage which totally massacre undead force. After dead of blood dragon, the undead collapse, but blood drinker cavalry survive and run away. Elves were so exhaustion by sultry weather that they didn´t pursue them.

Victory for elves

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