Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

At base of Halpi Mountains

VS Goblins

At base of Hapli mountains on road to Abyss.

We played scenario Pillage with special characters. My opponent James had mighty troll bruiser with 2+ hit and unknown item (De 6+ and flaying). I had my loyal mage Commander Avatavarno the Stormcaller (horse, he has bane chant (2), lighting bolt (5) and Stormcaller staff (healing brew + inspiring talisman + Scarletmaw’s Fenulian Amulet) and increase defense on 5+).

The battle begin with elven advance on right flank (both palace guard with army standard bearer (ASB). The mighty troll flew behind my archers, cavalry and mages. Scared by this terrible presence, they had to move from the forest again goblin line. Cavalry prepared to take a charge from horde of flagbag riders, but they were just frightened by shining presence of elves that they just stay a died under lances of heavy cavalry. Meantime, princesses harassed goblin´s shooting battery.
Right flank palace guard nearly circled troll horde, but they were catch and bloodily executed by the enraged trolls. Light side of this massacre was that trolls didn´t have time for capture a scenario point.
Victorious cavalry turned around to face mighty troll chieftain, but after few minutes, they were massacred.

The end of battle look like that: Evil side had 1 point and Light side had 2 points.
So Victory for Elves!

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