Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

The mummy returns

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The Empire of Dust
VS Kingdoms of Men

After the result of the last non decisive battle between them, the Kingdoms of Men tried again to strike the rear of the amy of Kaleb The Ophidian, protector of the builders of the Undead Fleet. This time, men gather a larger army to spread in the dust the undead bones and skeletons.
So easily and fast the bone giant returns to his death, and so do the Scavengers. But the Revenants see an opportunity when the cannons start to fail in their duty and the Horde manage to get to the battlefield thanks to the Surges. Meanwhile the skorpion husk protect the flank against the cavalry, giving enough time to their allies to clean the central hot spot. But sadly, the true soldiers, the Anubis guardians, who acted a nice performanece with their heavy-crossbows, will end in the sand again.

This time, the Ahmunites win the battle, with so many sacrifice...

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The Empire of Dust