Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

International Campaign Day - 2A - Tag

VS Kingdoms of Men
Sean Maloy

The Free Dwarves of Clan Kenaz successfully placed several cursed objects upon the foul armies of the Kingdoms of Men.

Ranks upon ranks of human infantry lined up to face the Free Dwarves of Clan Kenaz, each side intent on placing their cursed magical artifacts upon the enemy. The ground shook, “boom… boom… BOOM… BOOM!” The Dwarves looked on in terror as two giant Beasts of War threatened both of their flanks. Many of the warriors knew, however, that their trusted Berserker Brock Riders would be able to handle those monsters on one flank, and emboldened by their recent victory, the Dwarves brought a Stone Priest, who called upon the very mountains to create a Greater Earth Elemental and a horde of Earth Elementals, to deal with the Beast on the opposite flank. The filthy, evil humans were far too hesitant, however, afraid to charge the dwarves across a fence. This allowed the dwarves to safely place their artifacts on the enemy, and end the day victorious!

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