Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

The Dwarves of Clan Kenaz Defend the Forest from Evil Men

2000+ POINTS
VS Kingdoms of Men
Sean Maloy

Late last night, the lines of evil men faced off against stalwart dwarves. Dwarves are not commonly associated with the forest, however, Clan Kenaz has allied with the Forces of Nature in the past.

The men were of evil intent, focused on destroying the Forest of Galahir to build their war engines. They showed up first to the battlefield, and found a hill in the middle of the battlefield upon which to place their cannon and crossbowmen - flanked to the west by a regiment of royal Foot Guard, and to the east by a troop of Bowmen, a horde of Pikes, and a horde of Pole-arm Block, with two of each Wizards and Standard Bearers behind. The dwarves lined up across the field, with Rangers scouting ahead in a sacred pond, and a horde of Bulwarkers behind. Bannick Colearm brought his drill to bear, and utilized his former training as a Ranger to vanguard up the field next to his Ranger kin. To the right of him, the young and crazed dwarven Berserkers, fast upon their Brocks, were posed to go on either side of a massive tower. Alongside the Brock Riders was a Berserker Lord, also upon a Brock.
On the western flank, the dwarves took advantage of a natural treeline. Craggoth, scouting forward, led a horde of Earth Elementals, supported by a Stone Priest, and a regiment of Ironclad. Across from them, the entirety of the opposing army's cavalry stamped and clawed at the earth, eager to break their lances across the rocks and earth - they were two regiments of Knights and a mounted General, equipped with a blade of slaying.
Upon the eastern flank, the men brought a regiment of Heavy Pikes, a General on foot, and another troop of Bowmen. Opposed to them, the dwarves deployed a regiment of Ironclad and their only war engine - a fiery Flame Belcher!

DAWN: The humans, despite showing up first, waited for the dwarves to act first, and the dwarves happily obliged! On the eastern flank, the Ironclad and Flame Belcher advanced as far as they could, barely fitting between the ruined tower and the edge of the field. In the center, the Bulwarkers advanced as far as they could, to the edge of the sacred pool, flanked by their king and the Berserker Brock Riders. The Berserker Brock Lord advanced as far up the field as possible, in order to shut down the human canon. The western flank advanced slowly, as the shambling Earth Elementals set themselves in a position to hinder as many of the enemy Knights as possible. When it came time to loose crossbow bolts, the Rangers successfully shot and wavered the troop of crossbowmen.
The human army advanced hastily, eager to spill dwarven blood. In the east, the regiment of Heavy Pikes and the General ran forward at the double. In the center, the two hordes of infantry and the Bowmen on the eastern flank moved forward and pivoted in to face the dwarven Bulwarkers. The Foot Guard turned in towards the Brock Riders in the center - unfortunately for them, they advanced too close and it would soon be their ruin. The Knights on the western flank rode forward slightly, hesitant once they realized their lances would not be very effective against the high defense of the Elementals. BOOOM!!! The canon rang out, and the Berserker Brock Riders took as much damage as the canon could produce.

MID-MORNING: The Ironclad in the east advanced again, as they were already in range to be charged by the Heavy Pike Block, but out of their own charge range. Behind them, the Flame Belcher rolled forward, and unleashed a minor amount of damage on the General. The Bulwarkers in the center advanced and turned to face the advancing lines of human hordes, and the Rangers fired upon the injured crossbowmen, but missed entirely. The Berserker Lord, fast upon his Brock, utterly demolished the canon, furious that it was able to severely damage his brethren before he arrived. Bannick and the Brock Riders realized that the Foot Guard were in range, and charged forward - utterly destroying them in the first go. The Brock Riders were over-zealous, however, and advanced far too far after routing the Foot Guard, putting them in a very dangerous position.
On the east, the Heavy Pike Block, elite and vicious, alongside their general, were able to annihilate the dwarven Ironclad in their first charge - to the surprise of everyone. That flank was done for, as the Flame Belcher knew its time was limited. In the center, the bowmen shot the Rangers, wavering them, and hordes of infantry continued to advance slowly, deterred by the terrain and obstacles in their way; although the horde of Pikes turned to face the Berserker Brock Lord, now behind their lines after slaying the canon. The crossbowmen, recovered after dodging the Rangers' crossbow bolts, took the Brock Riders from behind, and because of their advancement, a regiment of Knights were able to take their flank. The Brock Riders were quickly routed. On the far western flank, those Knights trained in the ways of the Pathfinder, charged the horde of Earth Elementals, with their General unhindered; however, the stout defense of the Earth Elementals held fast - barely - which would leave the Knights in a bad place.

NOON: With the Ironclad no longer there to protect the Flame Belcher, it took aim at the troop of archers who were securing an obstacle, and let loose a gush of fire. The Bowmen survived, albeit wavered. The Bulwarkers shifted to the east, to be closer to the hill, which would ensure the Pole-arm Block to be hindered, should they decide to charge. The Rangers shrugged off their waver, and re-positioned themselves in the sacred pool in order to take cover again. The Berserker Brock Lord could not turn to see the human wizard in time, but rode as close as possible in order to intimidate him. Bannick and the regiment of Ironclad on the western flank charged the Knights who decimated the Brock Riders and damaged them severely, but the Knights were unshaken. Craggoth, however, was not so kind. After seeing the other regiment of Knights and their General nearly destroy his kin, he charged into the side of those knights as his fellow Elementals counter-charged. Those Knights were routed upon impact.
As expected, the Heavy Pikes made short work of the Flame Belcher team. The horde of Pole-arm Block advanced in front of the Bulwarkers, but did not charge to make contact, while the horde of Pikes turned again, now completely perpendicular to the dwarven battle-line, to face the Brock Lord. Both wizards sought avenues of sight to cast their Fireballs at the Rangers, doing minimal damage, but still wavering the Rangers. Those Knights still alive turned to counter-charge Bannick, doing a bit of damage despite losing their momentum, but Bannick stood firm, thanks to the nearby Standard Bearer, which left the flank of the Knights exposed to the Ironclad. The mounted General, accepting his fate, charged once more at the heavily damaged horde of Earth Elementals, hoping to finish them, but was unable to.

EARLY AFTERNOON: With the horde of Pole-arm Block in their face, the Bulwarkers, sided by their King, decided it was time to engage, so engage they did! They were bolstered by the Wall of Iron their fellow dwarves shared, and nearly crushed the humans outright, but wavered them instead. The Brock Lord, instead of chasing down the wizard, took the troop of Bowmen from behind and wavered them - which turned out to be what saved him from the horde of Pikemen, as they could not move around the troop. Bannick and the Ironclad finished off the wounded Knights, and both sets of Elementals destroyed the mounted General on the western flank.
The men were beginning to worry as their forces were depleting. In the east, the regiment of Heavy Pikes began to march towards the center - hoping to reach the Pole-arm Blocks in order to reinforce them. Their General on foot took to the hill in order to see the flank of the Bulwarkers. The wizards unleashed their fire upon the Rangers, wavering them with minimal damage once again, and the Pikes turned to be able to move around the bowmen, so that they could take on the Brock Lord.

LATE-AFTERNOON: The dwarves were emboldened by the wavering of the humans, and the Bulwarkers finished off the Pole-arm Block without the aid of the King. The dwarven King placed himself, as immovable as the mountains, in front of the Pike horde, in order to keep them from advancing towards the hill and claim it as an objective. Through the nimbleness that being an individual provides, the Brock Lord was able to charge the wizard in the forest, and despite being hindered, slew him. At the same time, Bannick charged the wizard on the hill, and the Ironclad finished off the damaged crossbowmen. The Earth Elementals were in a good position, and stayed put, but Craggoth desired to re-engage the enemy, and so headed toward the center.
With their hordes routing, the humans had little chance left. The General charged the side of the Bulwarkers, but was unable to cause any damage. Similarly, the Pike Block was unable to penetrate the heavy armor of the Dwarf King. The remaining bowmen took shots at various targets, but were not able to cause enough damage to rout any of the dwarves.

EVENING: The Berserker Brock Lord, after slaying the wizard in the woods, charged the Archers who were burned by the Flame Belcher, and routed them. Bannick was able to rout the Bowmen near the hill, and Craggoth routed the nearby Standard Bearer. The horde of Bulwarkers counter-charged the General on foot, and slew him in a single round.
With little left on the field, the Heavy Pikes held their ruined tower and placed themselves in a way to prevent the horde of Bulwarkers from challenging that claim. The Pikes were again unable to cause damage to the Dwarf King.

And that marked the end of the day - the dwarves winning the day with 11 victory points to the humans' 5.

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