Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Showdown at the Falls

VS Abyssal Dwarfs
Derek the Face Dragon


So, after the last battle saw his warlock having such success, Kaargarak thought to mount up his chariot and get himself involved in a battle. He deployed himself, a chariot regiment, and a group of warriors on the right flank to deal with Derek the Face Dragon and all the golems. On the left flank, a chariot regiment and boomers and standard bearer faced off against half breeds, slave orcs, and an overmaster.

In retrospect, the abyssal dwarves may have been slightly out matched due to miscaluclations on the parts of the generals, but this report is coming in weeks after the initial conflict, so they cannot be certain.

The battle went more or less smoothly for the ogres. The abyssal halfbreeds and the greater obsidian golem opened themselves up to several flank charges, wiping them off the board relatively quickly. Meanwhile, the chariots bore the brunt of several charges, but with their special formation, they stayed in play.

When all his army fell to Ogre blades, Derek decided just to jump about. Using his great wings he danced around the ogres, blasting them with fire. He did little, but proved very frustrating and escaped with his hide in tact.

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