Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

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VS Elves

Wherein the Undead are just trying to get out but the elves insist on keeping them in

Jareth the Vampire Lord had sent his armies all over Mantica during this time of upheaval, to gather magical artefacts, books, tomes and other fell knowledge to further his own dark research. His armies are usually lead by his most favoured general, Lord Charnel the Revenant King. The energies at Hokh-man could be sensed even from Jareth's castle, and his army had been shipped off to investigate. Upon arriving, the forces were swiftly set upon by some Ogres working for the Green Lady. The undead were defeated and retreated towards their ships on the coast. As they travelled the Liche King reanimated corpses to renew their ranks, returning the army to full strength. However before they could reach the coast another foe set upon them, this time the outcast elves. Were the elves mistaking them for forces from the Empire of Dust? did they just want to purge all creations of dark sorcery from the face of Mantica? Either way the leaders of the force had been summoned home to Angelfall, and they knew better than to disappoint Jareth.

With grim determination the undead set about dispatching their latest foes. Akran the Bleak, Cursed Pharaoh, struck an early significant blow to the elven advance. Seeing some drakon riders attempting to flank his force, he engaged his ensorcelled demon wings. Cut from a being of the abyss and enchanted to allow their bearer to fly, they carried Akran fast and true into the elven flight formation. A few swift and savage blows were a surprise to the elves and their mounts panicked, taking their riders from the field of battle.

On the far left flank, another unit of drakon riders, supported by their drakon rider prince, danced out of range of the werewolves and Lord Charnel. The standoff was tense, but while it was going on the skeleton archers on the left exchanged fire with the elven archers. It seemed even at first, with the Liche King reanimating any fallen skeletons, but soon the elven missile superiority became apparent and with some concentrated fire they were able to demolish the skeleton archers in a hail of arrows.

Meanwhile in the centre the mummies and zombie trolls advanced to meet the elven line, supported by the necromancer Grimgul the Wise. As the centre clashed, the standoff on the left was resolved by the drakons flying in, eager to take control. The werewolves were unexpectedly nimble however, and dashed around their own compatriots to engage the drakons. The werewolves failed to rout the drakons in their initial crash of destruction, opening them up to a flank charge. On the extreme left the drakon rider prince and Lord Charnel were locked in a duel to the death. Surprisingly the werewolves stayed firm after the side attack, giving them a chance to destroy the drakons and turn to face their new foes. In addition, the Soul Reaver infantry had arrived, and the left flank soon was cleared of elves, leaving the undead forces free to strafe back to the centre.

The support of the left flank force was sorely needed in the centre, where the zombie trolls and mummies had been swarmed by elite elven blades and eventually cut down. The revenants had moved in to hold the line while support arrived, and as the battle began to wane the left force came screaming through. The werewolves and Lord Charnel, flown in on his mount Plague Wind, hit the elven line hard, and it crumbled under their combined assault. The day was won for the undead, and they were free to escape Hokh-man on their ships.

The Liche King leads the Soul Reavers back towards the centre of battle after clearing out the left flank

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