Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

A Serpentine Plot

2000+ POINTS
VS Ogres

In which the undead forces are thwarted in their attempt to leech the power from Hokh-man

Keeping their distance

The undead forces disembarked from their ships and made their way inland, the Liche King guiding them towards the source of the fell energies pulsing from the southern lands. However, before they could reach their destination their path was blocked by an army of ogres, sent here by the Green Lady to prevent the Empire of Dust from launching their ships north. Yet undead were undead as far as the ogre warlocks were concerned, and they were happy enough to engage Jareth's forces instead.

The undead were unsure what tactics might prevail against this foe. A combination of brutal close combat, backed up with mid-range blasts of fire from the warlocks meant they were hesitant to engage. After losing some ghouls early on one flank, the centre of the undead pulled back to form a defensive line, while on the left flank the werewolves and Soul Reavers attempted to roll up the enemy line.They struck hard, but too slowly, and by the time the battle drew to a close the ogres had destroyed too much of the undead forces for them to continue. The heavily wounded werewolves withdrew with the Soul Reavers, heading back to the shore and their ships.

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