Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

A Hammer and Anvil

2000+ POINTS
VS The Varangur

In which the undead are driven from the field by the fury of Korgaan's favoured

Diagonally opposite deployment

The Abyssal Dwarves had promised Jareth some ancient tablets found hidden in a deep cavern at the edge of the Abyss. Chiselled with writing older than any known nation, scrying upon them had hinted at them holding some stories of the celestials. In return for the tablets, all Jareth had to do was send some troops to help in the Abyssal Dwarf assault against their untainted cousins.

Upon disembarking from the ships onto the craggy beach, the undead were met instead by Varangur, who were willing to fight against the Abyss however and wherever it showed itself. Or, in this instance, anyone who dared ally with the Abyss.

The undead were completely unprepared for the speed and ferocity of the Varangur assault, and were swiftly routed from the rocky shores. The undead remnants scraped together what bodies they had left and piled back into their ships, the necromancer and Liche King working through the night to repair the significant damage to the forces. The tablets would not be claimed as prizes this day, although Jareth noted that the promise was in return for sending help, not necessarily defeating anyone, and so would come to claim his prize from the Abyssal Dwarves another day, perhaps after this Abyssal surging had settled and the lands were in relative peace once more.

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The Varangur