Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

An unfortunate coincidence

2000+ POINTS
VS Elves

Wherein the Undead have traversed the Infant Sea and stumbled upon an elven king from the north.

Jareth's army, lead by Lord Charnel the Revenant King on his Undead Wyrm, Plague Wind, had recently left the Serpent Mouth at Hokh-man. They'd been attempting to siphon the dark energies rising off the Empire of Dust, but were pushed out by a force of Ogres working for the Green Lady. As they retreated they ran into a force of Outcast Elves, which they managed to best to allow them safe passage to the coast. Once ship-born, they sailed the Infant sea and disembarked on the northern shore, and began their journey home. However, that lead them past the Forest of Galahir, where they thought they had been ambushed by the elves they had previously defeated. Crashing into the enemy lines, it wasn't until they were engaged that they realised these elves were from a different kingdom, one favouring foot melee tactics over shooting or flying. The fights were bloody and many a tree was destroyed, and at the end of the day these new elves were also defeated, leaving the undead free to retire safely to their home township of Angelfall.

The elven spear units swarm on Lord Charnel and Plague Wind

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