Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

The Dead Fleet

Abyssal Dwarfs
Izgarth Zharroth
VS Dwarfs
King Ramhorn
Initial Deployment
Mid way through
Just before the end

As this was a Kill scenario, both forces advanced.

The halfbreeds, on the left flank, were waivered during the first turn and the gargoyles flew in to add cover. They were slaughtered next turn.

On the right flank, Dravak, Infernok and the Lesser Golems moved forward. The lesser golems were surged (needing 6 successes from 12 dice), and didn't get to go enough. At this point the Abyssal Dwarf plan crumbled apart and the Dwarfs swept up the points.

Dravak and Izgarth exchanging pleasantries and commenting upon the weather, unaware of their impending doom.

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King Ramhorn