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Return of the Brotherhood

Kingdoms of Men
VS Forces of Nature

This game pitted my Brotherhood against the Forces of Nature. The game centered around a large Cathedral in the middle of the table. He deployed all of his forces on one side of the board, and I did the same with the exception of my fast calvary. My fast calvary was able to circle around and cause some real problems for him with flanking. Likewise, I got a double charge off with the order of the abyssal hunt and water elementals against his earth elementals. Those two moves one me the game. Overall we both had a fun time, but unfortunately neighter of us took any pictures... sorry guys. This was one of the few games where I decided to go with no devoted, although I did put bane chant on my adjuticant. All in all I really think the terrain worked to my advantage. Next time I'm sure my opponent will take a flyer to counteract my calvary's speed.

Iowa Kings of War Brotherhood vs. Forces of Nature

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