Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

6 Player Mega Battle

2000+ POINTS
Kingdoms of Men
VS Abyssal Dwarfs

This was a six player mega battle that was part of our ongoing map based campaign. We used 1,000 points per player, three good vs three evil, so we had 3,000 points per side. The winner of the scernario got to role of the unit upgrade table that is included in the Clash of Kings rulebook. We used the Ransack secerio with some slight modifications. We put 1 objective that counted for 3 victory points, 2 objectives that counted for 2 vitcory points, and 3 objectives that counted for 1 vitory point, per table. We needed two tables and two feet. Looking back on things, we were way to spread out. If I had to run the game all over again I would have drastically reduced the amount of space on any given player's flank in order to make the game more intergrated across players. We have to more Mega Battles schedule for this map based campaign, so we'll have to try that out next time.

Iowa Kings of War Mega Battle

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Abyssal Dwarfs


  • Darth Toiletroll says:

    Sounds like a good plan for doing that

  • Ironlance says:

    Thanks guys for the compliments. The game went very smoothly. Unlike a lot of mega battles we did not put all the good guys on one side and all the evil guys on the other. This is why we left spaces inbetween the players on their flanks. If my memory serves me correctly the deployment across the table sides went as follows,

    Good —– Evil —— Evil
    Evil ——-Good —– Good

    You might think this would get dissorderly but its not a problem as long as you keep everyone in the same phase. Kings of War is fluid enough to allow for more creative deployment without the game getting bogged down and running to slow. To be fair though, it would have gotten a little more chaotic if our armies were closer to each other.

  • Darth Toiletroll says:

    Also those water elementals are lovely

  • Darth Toiletroll says:

    Ohhhh, 6 players. How did that work out for each side communicating and working together?

  • Bloodwild says:

    Mega battles are great! Perhaps increase the points per player to reduce the open space.

  • Corathan says:

    Nice write up