Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Ash and Sand

Kingdoms of Men
High Exemplar Nathaniel Black
VS The Empire of Dust
The Mountain Gremlin

Black volcanic clouds billowed over head as Samuel Grimm, Exemplar Hunter lead his force towards the tear in the earth. His expression was grim for the task High Exemplar Nathaniel Black had given him was a thankless one. He and his force were to travel to the Abyss and search for anything or anyone to bring back. It was very unlikely with either options as all reports indicated that most of the forts had collapsed into the Abyss and were inaccessible, it had also been too long to hope for survivors still he marched on. The shattered form of Fort Iron Stone home of the Stone Wardens. Former home. Its broken walls and towers sent a stab of pain and anger into his heart. The Stone Wardens had been allies to them and he felt wrong to pick over their keep's corpse.
As his force made its way into the shattered courtyard he saw piles of ash and rouble, with weapons and armour scattered around. Samuel took pride that at least they had died fighting.
“Spread out and search for anything we can use. Any bodies you find try and give them their peace, we owe them as much.”
As if on queue Shadowscale began crawling around as if hunting. Samuel saw what his companion smelt. Mixed with the ash and dust was sand. The thought clicked just as the first shambling forms of the Empire of Dust.
“To arms! Form up! Our foe reveals it's self!”
His men quickly and efficiently formed a battle line with the archers holding the flank to his left and his brother knights on the right to flank round.
“You fowl creature my not have caused this destruction but you have desiccated what was left of the fallen’s peace. An at that will see you not walk this earth a day longer! Into them! Into them! Deliver to them the vengeance our lost deserve. Our watch will not end!”

Deployment and table

Set up (dont know why my pictures wont rotate round)
End of turn one. The Empire of Dust advance and my Knights head up the right flank.
End of turn 2. The EoD send a unit of mounted archers to try and stop my knights while the scavengers atempt to get within charge of my Spearmen results in a Beast ripping them to shreds before stepping back.
End of turn 3. The EoD send more of their force to stop the knight while a unit of skeleton Spearmen fall to archers and the beast and Villains slaughter the warriors guarsing the Phero.
End of turn 4. The spear men sent against the knight are destroyed utterly and the Chariots take their place. The phero killed the spearmen and begins his advance to the archers
End of turn 5. Having delt with the archers and the Chariots the knight turn thier attentions on the priest and phero.
End of turn 6. The priest has fallen to the cavalry and the over run to the phero and kill him too.
He stood to the last man. Brave if foolish.

Samuel took a moment as the pharaoh fell to the Knights and Shadowscale. Surveyed the courtyard. While his loses were few each death was another potential knight lost. The Ordo Muri Montis needed recruits not casualties. Still the dead can rest a little easier. As he detailed his men to deal with the bodies and search he and Shadowscale descended into the bowels of the once might fortress. Hopefully the trip would bring something useful.

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Kingdoms of Men
High Exemplar Nathaniel Black


  • Halberd3000 says:

    We salute your victory! Excellent pictures (despite the hiccups in rotation). 🙂

  • AlQuds says:

    Nice pictures and thanks for the write up! The terrain pieces also look nice, though I am missing any difficult terrain or a forest. The setup must have favored fast units with TC.

  • High Exemplar Nathaniel Black says:

    Thanks and yeah no matter what I do ther are always on their side. Even if I hold my phone on its side

  • Bloodwild says:

    Nice batrep! @Lit Wick, I’m wondering the same thing.

  • Lit Wick says:

    Well-written set-up, clear captions, and nice cliff-hanger conclusion! One thought: I’ve been noticing a lot of recent pictures that kind of need to be rotated 90 degrees to the right. Is it something the site photo editor is doing?