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Battle of the Broken Wall

Kingdoms of Men
VS Goblins

Grogger Split-Tooth took the spyglass from one of Rutler's fleabag-riding scouts and followed the goblin's outstretched hand. The warlord put the device to his eye.

"That way, boss," the scout said. "Ruined tower of some kind. See it?"

"Yep. Ruined but not old."

"That's what I thought, too," the other goblin replied with a nod. "Looks human."

"Agreed." Grogger handed his subordinate the spyglass. "Ride back, tell the lads to get ready. An easy target's an easy target. Maybe a fixer-upper, eh?" He grinned. "Might be some loot left behind."

The fleabag rider shook his head. "Doubt it, boss. Somebody beat us to it."

"Yeah? Who?"


Inside the tower, Klarg downed another tankard of human ale in a single draught. His boys let out a wild shout as he finished, the echoes rising up the shattered column of stone like smoke in a chimney.

"Don't be so proud, my boys!" shouted Klarg over the din. "This human ale's as watery as halfling piss!"

This was met with a new round of raucous laughter. The ale might be worth their scorn but it was not being spared. Empty casks lay around the ground floor of the wrecked tower, the barrels sitting around or on the bodies of the men they'd taken the ale from in the first place.

"Boss!" shouted the lookout posted inside the tower's broken entrance. "Incoming."

"Who?" asked Klarg, hefting his gigantic axe as he stumbled toward the door.

The orc held a hand up to shade his eyes as he squinted toward the trees. "Looks like... goblins?"

"Mount up, my lads!" bellowed Klarg. "If these pipsqueaks want our tower, they'll have to fight for it!" A dozen roars of orcish joy followed Klarg as he stepped out the door and headed for his boar, penned inside a ramshackle fence nearby.

The two forces met not far from the treeline. Klarg and his orcs rode upon snorting, brutish boars, challenging the first of Grogger's wolf riders with brazen cries and raised spears. The taunts petered out as the wolf riders kept coming, filling in a long line around the first unit. Behind these, even more goblins marched out on foot. The orcs, clearly outmatched, fell silent.

"Who's your boss, then? Let me talk to him!" cried Klarg.

Grogger stepped forward from behind the lines of fleabag riders. "That's me," he stated evenly. "This your tower?"

"Is now!" Klarg replied, his lips parting in a broken-toothed smile.

"Humans don't have much sway in the forest here." Grogger threw a thumb over his shoulder. "You find out what they're doing?"

"Building a wall. A big one. They're trying to keep the tribes out but our boss, Grumtongue, is gonna straighten them out."

Grogger feigned surprise. "Is that so? And where is he now?"

As one, the orcs let out a series of ill-mannered replies. "He's moved on. Left us here to 'guard the tower,' the git. Guard a tower? Boars is meant for running, not guarding towers. Right, my boys!" A cacophony of guttural agreement followed.

Grogger grinned. "Well if you're looking for a new boss, one who'll let your boars run at anything they want, you've found him!" He nodded at his fleabag riders. "I know the value of my riders." As one, the fleabag riders let out a single, deep-throated hoot.

Klarg was clearly impressed by the display. "Well, well. Looks like we might come to an arrangement if you can find us a good scrap, too."

"Oh don't worry. There's humans from the eastlands all over this part of the woods." He raised the head of a Brotherhood knight tied to the saddle of a nearby wolf. "Brotherhood. Lots of horsemen to test your mettle against."

Klarg put his hand to his prodigious chin in consideration. As this stretched into several minutes, the orcs behind him muttered to each other. Grogger knew he'd won over the battle-hungry orcs, with or without their leader. After a moment, Klarg leaped off his boar and strode toward Grogger. "Friend," he said, "you've got yourself a deal." He extended a meaty hand which the goblin warlord took. "When do we get started?"

"Saddle up. There are some very angry knights not far behind us. And they're spoiling for a fight after the last beating we gave them."

Deployment - The field of battle
Deployment - Another view of the battlefield
Deployment - The Brotherhood form up tightly in a refused flank.
Deployment - The goblins and their orc allies spread out to face their enemies on all fronts.
Deployment - The Brotherood's knights ready themselves to face the goblin multitudes.
Deployment - The courage of the Brotherhood Villeins will be sorely tested against the goblins.
Turn 1 - Grogger orders the surrounding goblin infantry forward as the Fleabag Riders speed ahead.
Turn 1 - Klarg and his Gore Riders proceed cautiously forward as the legion of Fleabag riders hold a thicket. A nearby regiment powers forward to meet the Brotherhood head on.
Turn 1 - Brotherhood forces move up tentatively, waiting to see what the tricky goblins will try first.
Turn 2 - The goblin infantry and their Fleabag Rider escort circle around the tower.
Turn 2 - Suspicious of the Brotherhood's slow progress, the Fleabag Riders and Gore Riders inch forward.
Turn 2 - The Brotherhood move forward, ready to engage the enemy. The brave (or reckless) Reconnoiterers charge Klarg's Gore Riders, hoping to forestall their momentum.
Turn 3 - The goblin infantry continue to swing around the tower like spokes on a gigantic wheel as the arachnid Fleabag Riders move in.
Turn 3 - The spiders pounce, their goblin riders squealing in delight at the horror on the Bowmen's faces.
Turn 3 - Cavalry counter-charge! The Gore Riders are joined by Klarg himself against the Reconnoiterers. A unit of lupine Fleabag Riders charge the Villein Spearmen on the hilltop. Meanwhile, the legion of Fleabag Riders secure the thicket.
Turn 3 - With a mighty shout, Klarg and his massive warboar wade into the fight! With his help, the Gore Riders decimate the Reconnoiterers.
Turn 3 - The giant spiders crawl over their victims, their venom and webbing leaving a trail of ensnared Bowmen behind.
Turn 3 - Though the Reconnoiterers fall to the orcs, the Villein Spearmen repulse their wolf rider attackers.
Turn 3 - The Brotherhood strike! Knight of the Orders of the Abyssal Hunt and the Redemption charge into the legion of Fleabag Riders, heedless of the dangers of the forest their targets skulk in. The Villeins Spearmen on their left move up to protect the knights' flank while the Order of the Forsake sail over the orcs, boxing them in. On the right, the unit of Spearmen on the hilltop continue to engage the (relatively) smaller unit of Fleabag Riders.
Turn 3 - As the Brotherhood knights charge, a massive cavalry combat ensues in the thicket. The knights manage to scatter the wolf riders and wheel to face the orcs.
Turn 4 - Grogger sends the Sharpsticks ahead as he inspects the tower. The Rabble hold in the copse of trees, ready to stab any humans who stray too close. The arachnid Fleabag Riders continue to clear the hill of Bowmen, easily leaping to engage another unit on their spindly legs.
Turn 4 - Hoping to search the tower free from prying eyes, Grogger orders the Rabble deeper into the copse of trees.
Turn 4 - His Gore Riders in disarray, Klarg bravely charges the VIllein Spearmen to pin them in place. The Fleabag Riders and Spearmen battling on the hill continue their war of attrition.
Turn 4 - The chittering spiders secure more food for their growing webs as they entangle another group of Bowmen.
Turn 4 - The Devoted look on as the battle for the hilltop grinds on.
Turn 4 - Klarg's rampage sees off a pair of Spearmen but the remainder stand firm. The orc leader draws back to await the Brotherhood counterattack.
Turn 4 - The Villein Spearmen engage the Orc Gore Riders while the Order of the Abyssal Hunt charge into Klarg's side. The orc bellows at the "cowardly" knights as he turns to face them. The Order of Redemption move to reinforce the Villeins on the hilltop who are once more locked in combat with the Fleabag Riders. The Order of the Forsaken wing toward another hill, seemingly abandoned by the goblins.
Turn 4 - With a wordless battlecry, Klarg fends off the galloping knights, blunting their momentum. Not to be outdone by their boss, the Gore Riders also stand firm against the Spearmen. The Spearmen on the hilltop fare better, seeing off the Fleabag Riders after the protracted combat.
Turn 5 - The Sharpsticks continue to wheel around the tower. Grogger moves away from his investigation, lest anyone get suspicious! The spider riders turn in preparation for an attack on the last unit of Spearmen as the Wiz on spiderback rushes to reinforce them.
Turn 5 - Klarg leads his boys into the teeth of the Villeins' spears!
Turn 5 - Blood flying from tusk, lance, and axe, Klarg and the orcs decimate the Spearmen!
Turn 5 - Appalled at the slaughter of the Villeins, the Order of the Abyssal Hunt seek vengeance on Klarg himself! The remaining Bowmen seek to slip past the Fleabag Riders and begin firing on the approaching Goblin Sharpsticks. Sensing the battle is drawing to a close, the Knights of Redemption and the remaining Spearmen secure the hilltop near the copse.
Turn 5 - The Order of the Forsaken swoop in to take an almost-forgotten hill behind the goblins' lines.
Turn 5 - In a feat of supreme resilience, Klarg shrugs off the wounds inflicted by the Order of the Abyssal Hunt. Bleeding but unbowed, the orc leader shouts his defiance at the stunned knights. Even a celestial lord of battle cannot believe the orc's tenacity!

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