Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

FoA vs FoN

Forces of the Abyss
VS Forces of Nature

Forces of Nature in their forest

Attaking Abyssals

Battlefield before vanguards

Turn 1 : Succubi turn to ashes under a rain of magical darts while the Abyssals go forward.

Turn 2 : The Tortured Souls don't fall under bolts, so they eat the Unicorn with the Gargoyles, while the Horsemen cut the Shamblers in kindling.

Turn 3 : A Beast of Nature and the remains Shamblers crush the Tortured Souls while the other BoN stop the Horsemen. In return the Abyssals shake the last BoN while the Gargoyles harass the other.

Turn 4 : The Shamblers attack the Champion without success. The Horsemen finish the BoN and the other get worked up against the undying Gargoyles.

Turn 5 : the Gargoyles are shaked but still there ! The Shamblers cruch the Champion but don't touch the Horsemen. They try to venge him but the trees are to dauntless.

Last turns : The Shamblers barely kill the Horsemen (with a 8 reroll) so the Harbinger just try to finish them with his only dart...

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Forces of Nature

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