Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

16.9.16 1/3

2000+ POINTS
VS Ratkin

the game was mostly undead infantry vs ratkin monsters, arty and shock troops.
undead skeleton horde and zombie legion got annihilated on the left flank, the skeleton horde went for the kill on the demon spawn with bane chant assistance but failed to kill it and got flanked by a full horde of shock troops and got wiped out in one turn of combat leaving the zombie horde all alone on this flank.
the center had shock troops destroy the zombie legion in the center in two turns and the skeleton horde in the center took 36 wounds and did very little in anwser.
the right flank saw a unit of ghouls get shot to death by ratkin arty before they could close distance, only killing a vermintide for their troubles.
-this game was a clear ratkin win.
Honourable mentions go to the rat kin assassin with flying magic item who managed to kill a balefire catapult and went for magaroth the faceless.

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