Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

battle vs tristan 2/3

2000+ POINTS
VS Ratkin

this was a rematch after my first loss to ratkin, he took the same army and i changed it up and took out some spearmen hordes and characters and replaced them with soul reaver knights.
the initial skirmishing was terrible for the undead, a flying rat assassin! the assassin knocked out of of my balefire catapults, and almost killed the other one, i turned my zombie unit in response and surged into him to kill him! all to no avail though as the legion of zombies were hindered and ALL 40 attacks only managed a waver! the assassin slinked off distracting my entire flank for most of the game before the zombie unit finally finished him off but was it too late?

Elsewhere in the field things looked more promising for the undead the front line of zombies and mummies managed to scatter the ratkin slaves and meet the real ratkin line together, supported by flanking soul reaver cav at each flank the battle seemed to be turning in the undead's favor!

the side charges of the soul reaver cav would decide the battle, the unit on the far flank punching out an enemy arty and re-positioning of the other, however the flying demon spawn showed up and threatened the hurt the vampire cav dearly, in defiance they charged the monster! doing 13 wounds lucky for some, and the rat demon survived! in vengeance a unit of rat kin shock troops charged the failed knights in the rear and sandwiched between the demon and the elite rat troops the vampire cav melted away.
Things were not much better a single charge into the front of a horde of shock troops was a gamble and the rat's will held firm, this left the last hope of the undead army open to a flank charge by blights and the ratmen finished off the remaining knights and melted the last remnants of the center line.
Final result a victory for the rat kin menace!

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