Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Knock um down...again

2000+ POINTS
Abyssal Dwarfs
Gil G
VS Undead
Nick Gittens

Angry at their rough handling, the Varangur track out heros/band of jerks to the Ardovakian plain.

EoD list:
He took the Idol of Shobik and 2 Scorpions.
2 skeleton regiments, mummy regiment, Revenant regiment, and Guardian Horde

Varungur List:
2 raider regiments, 1 regiment of Fallen with Herja nearby, Foot regiment of Sons of Korgaan, horde of thralls, horde of tribesmen. Also had 2 cavern dwellers and a skold

In the center, The hordes properly stumbled forward and managed to not die immediately. They lasted long enough for the chosen to crush the idol and break some bones along side the monstrous cavern dweller.

Over on the right, the raiders sat back and peppered the skeletons with arrows till the fell to the ground. Then swiped over to the middle to deliver crushing flank support.

On the left the fallen, in true nutter fashion, ran forward getting an early charge only to get scared and not route a lone scorpion. This resulted in them being swept off the field with a flank charge. Luckily Herja and the cavern dweller were able to pull out the slack and clean up the flank

Tactical Notes:
Something that seems like a definite can all too easily not be so.
Mounted Raiders are the jam. good shooting and can hit hard.

Herja was happy to rid herself of the pesky thralls; always needing to 'eat' and take 'naps.'
And the dead were good practice to further hone her prowess.

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Abyssal Dwarfs
Gil G