Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign


The Trident Realm of Neritica
VS Goblins
Dworc power
First round
Second round
3th round

This match was quite difficult for me, because after all we went into a draw. The opponent made a good impression, which in principle is not uncommon for our friendly Russian community.
In the first round, my giant attempted to "bypass this shelupon", but he caught the olive, while mean treacherous goblins broke into the front, the sorcerer came from the flank.
The 2nd round remembered more to the giant than to me, because he was covered with a wave of thrombone and a stream of goblin magic, the goblin army moved forward and my elementals with gigas waited for the moment to attack.
In the third round, my giant crushed a goblin squad with sharp sticks and moved into the depths of their flank, getting punches from the trombone and the sorcerer. In the center of the map, a battle ensued, the enchanted elementals flew into trolls and gigas and fanatical thuuls to the legion of goblins.
In the 4th round, the trolls and the legion of goblins were killed, the diabolical trombone continued its affair. My giant was quickly killed, my oracle, without sparing his feelers, sent lightning charges into the damned trombone.
Fifth round, the troll fighter in the meantime dispersed the roulettes and headed towards the elementals, but was greeted by my crabs and lightning charge in the face.
In the sixth round, a troll fighter died from the claws of my crabs, but my elementals were boiled and impudently evaporated by goblin gear, the wounded thuuls headed towards the trombone, but were swept away by the power of the goblin sorcerer. Meanwhile my oracle threw lightning into the trombone and slowly backed toward the nearest seaweed.
The fateful sorcerer went around the hill where the goblins and trues were resting, then they fired at gigas, poor creatures did not have a chance to survive. To my surprise, the gods heard my oracle and he thundered like a trombone, putting the end of his atrocities.
But only the two players did not consider one, according to the rules we had to defend the points and the victory was counted for their defense, both heroes were far away and severely wounded, the result was a draw.

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