Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Peaks and Valleys

VS Dwarfs
Willie Llewellyn

You can't keep a good corpse down...without a stout hammer.

"The morning mist cleared, shredded by jagged stone peaks, tatters trailing away like falling banners. The Dwarven vanguard beheld the near silent ranks of the unded swaying toward them in unsettling order, marching as one to the beat of drums unheard by the living. Pulses of dark energy crackling over some and quikened their pace to keep the lin in order. There was a moment of perfect stillness as dwarven gunners picked their targets and then, high above an great eagle of the mountains gave a sky rending cry. All at once the unded poured ahead in to the hail of fire unleashed upon them by stalwart dwarves. The battle was joined."

The Undead Line Advances...

Turn one openecwith a general advance of both forces. The terrain determined a few charge lanes but, on the Undead left, a Horde of Earth Elemmentals opposed the Cavalry and would not be phased by terrain. So, Ghoul chaff to the fore, the Undead left advanced. The Horde of Zombies headed up to tarpit the center, backed by Wights and Wraiths awaiting juicy targets. On the undead right flank, Werewolves and Revenant cavalry set up for a quick draw contest against a Horde of Broks.

Undead center advances under cover.
Dwarven left flank.

Turn two, the Undead charged into combat across the line and in each combat did five wounds, failed to beat the Nerve roll and bounced awkwardly back. "Frontal charge the Dwarves" they said "It'll be fun" they said...

The Undead Initial Charge...bouncing away like so many superballs.

The Dwarven counter attack saw the destruction of the Vampire and Revenant Cavalry along with the Werewolves. The Wights held firm, the Wraiths resisted a flank attack and the Zombies held. Things looked bad here but were about to improve for team Undeath.

Hammer of Measured force on a tar-pit unit. Delicious.

And the tide turned... Turns three and four saw the Zombies polish off the Shieldbreakers in front of them. The Wraiths decided to fly into the Dwarven backfield. The Wights finished of the Ironclad to their front. Shooting time. Bloodboil from the Revenant King finished the Broks. Then the King went down under two turns of organ gun fire (let us not speak of it). The Greater Earth Elemental took two turns of Bloodboil damage from the Necromancer. It was great. Well, until he survied the attack and came looking to stomp some caster booty.

By the tower, Wights and Wraiths line up to charge some shooty dwarves. Om Nom Nom. (burp)
Turns out the Greater Elemental did not find my Necromancer antics funny. (caster go SPLAT)
After a tasty meal of Dwaren Infantry...Elementals for dessert.

To my shock and amazement, even with all my fast attack gone, I was pulling flank and rear multi charges with shambling units. It was a good day to be Undead. This is Turn five. The Dwarves still have a regiment of Ironguard, an Organ Gun and their King on the board...just very far away and quite out of range.

Turns in the making and TOTALLY worth it. That saw the end of the Elementals.

Turn six. Saw the Zombies, Wights and Wraiths looking for new dance partners. The greater Earth Elemental finaly destroyed the Zombie Horde and we rolled for a turn seven.

Hello turn seven...Goodbye Greater Earth Elemental.
Hey Dwarf, we brought you this skull.

Turn seven...so close. The wraiths failed to slay the Stone Priest. When the dust cleared, we counted up the points and the dwarves were up by only 100 points...they needed 150 for a win in this 1500 point game.

And that's the game. A tie (by only 50 points) in turn seven.

"As night fell, the survivors of the Dwarven army gathered their wounded and headed back to the keep. This had been a costly battle and the Undead were still to numerous to risk more time, in the open, under a moonlight sky. As they limped home, their king wondered if they had witnessed the end of the begining or the begining of the end."

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