Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Undead Holocaust

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VS Dwarfs
Morphee the Joker

Sorry for my poor english, I'm french ^_^
And sorry about my component who doesn't paint all this army

Battle setup

The battle takes place in Hokh-man (serpent mouth) so we just place some ruines. We try to represent some road in the Empire of Dust

Undead army is Dame Ilona and her proud soldiers. There was a lot of cavalary (revenants and soul reaver), small troops of spectres and werewolves , regiment of skeleton archers and a capatapult. Because of the large size of the dwarf army, this time undead allies with rastsink warrior hord and ratskin snipers.

The undead army
The huge army of dwarfs
The initial deployement


The spectres were destroyed soon in the game, because of the terrific organ guns !
Anyway organ guns shoot every at each turn and do a lot of damage

The spectres with damage dices just before being destroyed

Dwarf army was very careful. Dame Ilona prefer to say coward, some units (bersek cavalary) retreats to not be charged by the furious undead.

So Werewolves were charged by the berseks after this dwarf unit provoke them. They were not destroy immediatly. Even later when they be charged by the hord, the very courageous werewolves resit with a splendid double 1 on the moral test

Sadly, they are very proud, courageous but not invicibles .They were killed later

Berseks dwarfs versus Werewolves
Horde of brutal dwars versus the werewolves and despite of the high damage, they resist ! Thanks to the double 1, my oponent went crazy ^_^

Ratskin warrior were very proud and courageous too. Despite of their 23 damages points , they succed at the moral test one turn and they were destroy later. Thanks to another double 1 . Ilona may not be the best general this time but she was very lucky !

ratskin hord survived to 23 damages ! ! ! o/

Revenant cavalary charge the very terrific steel behomoth to at least destroy the best dwarf weapon and not allow it to continue into the Empire of Dust.
Hopely and even if this monster have a lot of attacks, they destroy it !

Undead try to destroy the great earth elemental and the steel behomoth. Just the behomoth was destroyed


This was almost a no match.

- The organs guns were very effective
- The dwarf general play carefuly to avoid flank charges of the cavalary
- Soul reaver cavalary did some damages but not enough and because they are troop and no a regiment, they died quicly, very quickly
- Rastkin hord was trapped between two dwarfs units and was not very effective
- Ilona is powerful but she cannot dodge organ guns so she died too

At the end (turn 6) , on the undead camp there were only the skeleton archers and in the dwarf camp, only the steel behemoth was destroyed

Part of the undead army who was destroyed, almost the entire army
The only death in the dwarf army, what a pity
battlefield at the end. Only the skeleton survived

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