Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Dumber than an orc ? Ally with them

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VS Dwarfs
Morphee the Joker

First of all, I am sorry for english. I'm french and my english is not perfect at all. I may do a lot of mistakes because it's not my mother tongue

Little story about this battle

Dame Ilona had never seen a dwarf army so huge and so terrific. There were 210 dwarfs and some very verypowerful canons.
She take with her his better soldiers and because she knew it will not be enough, she decide to make an alliance with the savage kraspec's horde
Se didn't know yet it was not a so good idea but she had to ally the orcs in order to have a chance to win this battle...

Set Up

The place where battle taken is edge of the Abyss.
The scenario is last one, battle to end it all.

Powerful and unbeaten morphee's dwarfs army.
Undead (ratskin counts as zombies) and Orcs Coalition before the battle. Until now, all is ok
Battlefield is ready fort Battle !
All the armies are deployed and ready to fight !


Cannons were not as efficient as usual but they succed to destroy orcs archers and one regiment of saoul reaver cavalary

The giant watch over the battlefield

At the middle of the battle, turn 3 or maybe turn , dwarfs made a glorious charge.
Berseks cavalary , Steel Behemoth, Great earth elemental of the campaign and berserkers run and succed to destroy 3 main orcs unit.
Kraspec who provoced and mocked dwarfs all the time understood that he couldn't win. SO HE ABANDONNED ! All the other orcs left the battlefield and the poor undead were so alone.

The so victorious charges. All the orcs units on this picture were destroyed in one turn !

Thanks to a soul reaver cavalary who was not destroyed by a charge, undead can charge the dwarf king on his bear and destroyed him.
It was the only dwarf dead

Soul reaver cavalary is not destroyed by the small soldiers on their beast
Charge ! And because of the king is not independant, flank charge ! The little king was cut into small pieces

Dame Ilona was forced to protect the flanks of the zombie at turn 6
She thought she can resist one turn and let this last soldiers on the battlefield to charge dwarfs and destroy this annonying and small soldiers.
But dwars were very efficients . They didn't just destroy dame Ilona, they killed her and because of she is independant, they continue to get the flank of the zombie legion.
And they destroy it, ending this battle

The last charges, dwarfs were just like usual, very very efficients

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