Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

An unexpected alliance

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VS Orcs

I'm French so sorry for my english !


Orcs wanted to open evil portals and elves from the company outpost weren't enough numbered
Jarvis was aware of this attack and decide with a lot of a undead warriors to help elves to destroy orc armie and shutdown all the evil portals
Undead are not naturals but if they are the only solution, the elfe capitain accept their help.

The battlefield

the battlefield

A nice view of twhilight glades . Some mountains and forest. And because it is scenario 4 : Pillage, the objective marks are in position

The unexpected alliance army

army alliance elves and undead

Great moments of the battle

Tour 1 : Undead ride to the objectives
The giant and orcs horde destroy undead cavalary (flank charge is too dangerous)
Giant try to destroy another undead cavalary. He will be shoot by the undead catapult
Soul Reaver Cavalary put orcs cavalery to flight
Chief orc doesn't succed to destroy the soul reaver cavalary.
Soul Reaver Cavalary and WereWolfs fight together to destroy the trolls
Soul Cavalery charge the orc leader
Spectres on the flank of the horde and destruction !
spectres destroy the archers orcs to get another objectif

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  • erwik_jdr says:

    les orcs sont trop stupides pour être commandés par un serviteur d’ophidia
    on va les laisser faire leurs trucs en esperant qu’ils ne soient pas trop un frein à la victoire totale sur les immondes nains

  • Morphee the Joker says:

    Je crois surtout que les orques de Krapseck vont devoir obéir aux ordres du nécromancien Erwick lors de la bataille finale de vendredi :o)

  • Darth Toiletroll says:

    Orcs being beaten up is always sad

  • Kraspeck says:

    Hahahahahaaaa!! Ma vengeance sera terrible !!!!