Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Hold the portals, maim the Halflings

The Empire of Dust
Eddie Hotep
VS The League of Rhordia
Steven Prowse

Pharaoh Eddie Hotep held his forces in place, the elves had withdrawn once the contested portals disappeared. keeping a guard around those portals he had opened with, Smotep watching over these troops, Hotep split his forces taking junior priest 'Aceses Higesh' deeper into the glades following the draw of dark power. He detected movement ahead and heard a raging roar as a metallic beast on tracks of iron burst through the undergrowth charging directly at his chariot. Unable to move from the path of this ferocious beast Hoptep could only watch as it drove straight at him. like a blur of blew mist Higesh surged their phantasm behemoth into the flank of the huge opponent bowling it over as it tore through trees like a scythe through straw. the beast lay smoking on its side.

Hotep almost dazed spurred his chariot forward as a fusillade of lead ripped through the canopy of the surround trees, and ranks of men and halflings in colourful garb charged through the woods at his army, it seemed that the League of Rhordia had joined the fray.

The initial surprise had a lasting effect, his forces managed to claim one portal, as the Halfing sorceress crushed two other that had been located. Higesh knew that others must be present, but the retreat was sounded, as Hotep was introduced to a new concept, that of defeat, he now harboured a hatred for the halfling and would attempt to crush them when the campaign was done.

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The League of Rhordia
Steven Prowse