Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Set the walls in flames

2000+ POINTS
Abyssal Dwarfs
VS Salamanders
Abyssal Dwarfs Deployment
Round 1
Round 2

The left gargoyles died to the breath of the salamander dragon, the decimator shoot against the left horde and with surge the greater obsidian golem on the left charged, he wavered the horde!,the halfbreed charged the calvary unit destroying it. On the right side the lesser onsidian golems and infernok destroyed a unit of allied basileans on foot.

Round 3

The Dragon charged the Decimators doing 5 wounds and failed to rout them, the 2 purple lizards (battle platforms) charged, one to the greater golem and the other to the lesser golems (fire elementals) failing to destroy them. On the right side the calvary charged the lesser obsidian golems failing also to destroy them.
In my turn the greater golem on the left changed facing backwards, with surge and the decimators counter charging the dragon they destroyed it, changing facing again, the halfbreed finished the job on the wavered horde. On the right the calvary unit received a combined charge from the golems and infernok. In the middle the fire elementals (lesser golems) countercharged only doing 4 wounds.

Round 4

The left Battle Platform (purple dinosaur) destroyed the greater obsidian golem and in the right the horde and the other Platform charged the elementals, they obliterated them but a snake eyes on the nerve roll saved them, leaving the flank and rear exposed of the horde, he conceded after this result before my turn.

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Abyssal Dwarfs