Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

In the Aid of the Elves

2000+ POINTS
Forces of Basilea
VS Goblins
John Croyle Hogge

Basilea marched in defense of the Elves, not that they asked for it. But Domitus was informed by his Ur-Elohi Counselor Telenath, that a great evil was already breaking free in the twilight glades. So he rallied his fellow Paladins and called on the aid of the few Elohi that could be spared for the errand.
Upon arrival, scouts found goblins tinkering with mysterious portals, the goblins spooked at the sight of the sister's gur panthers, but soon returned with a horde of their kin, and legions of trolls. They had even conscripted some ogre mercenaries. Domitus ordered his troops to make toward what looked like a strange church, and split them around it to ward off the small green creatures from their prizes around it. The right flank destroyed some of the creatures beasts before routing, but the left flank miraculously (double 1s and a nerve roll of a 3) held. The elohi were sent to flight, but not before the troll battle line had fallen. The Paladins, and Domitus forced the ogres to leave the field of battle, as they had predictably held back during the pivotal moments.
Telenath swooped over the church, keeping her eye on the trolls on the other side, only to see the last of the paladin knights of the right flank fall. Seeing her the trolls lumbered to secure the portals, but her speed allowed her to reach it before they did, tearing into a group of them as she went. With a fizzle of some ancient power, the portals slammed shut for now.

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Forces of Basilea