Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

The story of Lord Ultarion: Dragons VS Hydras

DM Crew
VS Nightstalkers
Johny B

Ultarion must find krapive - rare mystical plant on the north, whose berries can heal even heavy wounded monsters. It grows in the forests on the south of Twilight Glades. However, there are also many swamps there: best environment for Hydras and their dark masters...

Ultarion’s Objectives:
1) Find krapive in order to heal Mekat’goth

TK’s Objectives:
1) Destroy any enemies

Scenario rule changes:
- Krapive grows only in the forests and can be found on 4+ on the first attempt (3+ on the second, etc.). Eating krapive is an order thus the monster can’t attack, march (may move though) or shoot.
- Dragon can’t use Fly and Nimble special rules unless eats krapive.
- If Hydra eats krapive, it will heal all remaining wounds.

Twilight Kin goes first.

Turn 1
All TK army goes forward, make several wound to Glade stalkers but they are fine.
Elven shooting destroys Shadows and Wavers Chariots. Ultarion moves to the forest and 4+ to find krapive and…. “5”!!!

Turn 2
Twilight Kins continued going forward strategically but bearing in mind Ultarion and Drakes.
Mekat’goth ate krapive and restore Fly, yeah!!!!

Turn 3
Hydra charged Prince, Pegasus – Ultarion, both were fine.
Drakes charged and destroyed Abbysal Riders, Ultarion smashed Pegasus, Chariots stopped Hydra (9 wounds) but couldn’t even Waver it!!! :(

Turn 4
Hydras destroyed Elven Prince, Chariots and Gladestalkes.
Ultarion and Drake Riders killed both remaining Hydras…

The win was so close however… In the north Ultarion saw it… BIG monolith of unholy power with some deamons or mutants… “What the HELL is going on???”- thought Ultarion… He had never seen such terrifying beasts…

Turn 5-6
Ultarion and his trustful Drakes hunted down those mystical monsters.

It was a win but… In the sky Ultarion saw the whole CHAIN of such monoliths who created those monsters…

Ok guys - shouted Ultarion to his Drake Riders… It looks much worse than crap of all herd of Drakons … If they continue summoning those demons, they will devour the whole Twilight Glades… WE MUST DESTROY THOSE MACHINES BY ANY PRICE!!!!

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