Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

The story of Lord Ultarion: The beginning

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VS Nightstalkers
Johny B

Lord Ultharion, Drakon Lord of the Eastern Reaches, was enraged. Some Twilight Kins commanded by Dark Prince Enwikith invaded from the Twilight Glades and destroyed several Elven villages in the north.

How dare these dark cousins to unleash a war without any notification?
We must stop this invasion at any price!

Ultarion’s Objectives:
1) Stop Twilight Kins assault

Enwikith’s Objectives:
1) Destroy any Elven patrols in his path and continue invasion to the Eastern Reaches

Elves attack from the ambush so they start first.

Turn 1
Shooting destroyed 1 unit of Heralds and Wavered the other on 9+! Ambush became successful!!
Embarassed Twilight Kins however could kill 1 Glade stalkers with shooting from Chariots and Lightning Bolt from Enwikith.

Turn 2
Second Heralds of Woe and Chariots died. However, the main problem: Heavy Dark Knight and especially Dark Dragon REMAINS!!
Knights charged and killed the other Gladestalkers, Dragon caused several wounds to the chariots

Turn 3
Battle of Dragons BEGINS: Ultarion CHARGES Enwikith!!! Drakon Riders charges Dark Knights. Enwikith is fine but Knights are Wavered!
Knights can not do anything, but Enwikith shattered Ultahrion (Wavered) to the earth and swung the sword to finally kill him but hitted…. Kat’Goth, faithful Drake of Ultarion who SACRIFICED HIMSELF in order to save his master!!!! And with Elven reaction Ultharion killed Enwikith in retaliation!!

Turn 4
Chariots arrived on time and smashed Knights, Drakon Riders tied Dragon with their nets!!

GAME OVER, Dragon was captured and Invasion was stopped!!!

Several days Ultarion mourned the loss of Kat’Goth, his faithful beast, who was his lovely steed for decades. After it he could make subjugation of enslaved Dragon and named it Mekat’goth (from Elven language shortened: “In honor of Kat’Goth”)… However, his left wing was broken and he couldn’t fly.
Nevertheless, Ultarion heard about krapive – rare mystical plant on the north, whose berries can heal even heavy wounded beasts, including Dragons…

It was the end of the story of Drake Lord Ultarion… but also the beginning of story of Ultarion, DRAGON Lord of the Eastern Peaches!!

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DM Crew


  • Lit Wick says:

    I love the Toothless toy conversion! Would love to see even more fluff in the battle rep, as it’s obvious you’ve fleshed out some great characters!

  • Keef Ditchards says:

    Anothere tale to follow. Will Ultarion find the berries of not? Tune in to the same bat channel.