Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Devean vs Negator

2000+ POINTS
VS Abyssal Dwarfs

Devean (Salamanders) vs Negator (Abyssal Dwarves) on Universal Battle

This was a 2000 point game played over Universal Battle, an online platform for playing tabletop games. One of the best things about playing over Universal Battle is being able to play people from all over the world so lots of different lists pop up all the time. I haven't played Negator in a while so I was interested to see how we'd go!

We played the Push! scenario at the Edge of the Abyss.

I've submitted our respective lists separate so no need to go through them. I will give some pre-game thoughts, a quick overview of the game as it went and then some closing thoughts on tactics etc. So without further ado....

Lists and Deployment


This army punches hard with 3 grotesque hordes, 2 halfbreed champions and ba'susu flying around! Three troops of some of the best chaff available (gargoyles) and slave orcs to absorb damage makes this a very solid list with few weaknesses. Apart from my rhinos, most of my units will be insta-killed if they engage in a fair 1-on-1 fight so I'll have to make sure that any fights I engage in aren't fair :)

Deployment (from left to right)
Salamanders: flying battle captain, tyrants (headstrong - with push marker), ghekkotah regiment, clan lord on drake (slashing), lekilidon, Orlaf, lekilidon, lancers (haste), ancients on rhinosaurs (pathfinder), ghekkotah regiment, herald (rally), unblooded regiment, flying clan lord on drake (courage)

Abyssal Dwarves: Ba'susu, gargoyles, halfbreed champion, 2x fireteams, 2x abyssal grotesque hordes, fire team, slave orc horde, gargoyles, slave orc horde (with push token), gargoyles, abyssal grotesques (pathfinder), halfbreed champion

Game Overview
(This game took place before this site was up. I only have 3 screenshots sorry! I'm also relying on memory quite a bit so this will be brief)

First turn went to the abyssal dwarves who all advanced fairly rapidly to put some early pressure on the Salamanders. Extra charge range on the lancers helped to stop the grotesques from coming too close while the battle captain kept Ba'susu and the gargoyles honest.

In response, Salamanders took the hill with a ghekkotah regiment and lekilidon. With those two providing cover, the clan lord was able to breath firey vengeance on some unsuspecting grotesques. On the far right, clan lord took an opportunity to breath on gargoyles whilst staying clear of their grotesque guardians (they moved up just a bit too far so that I could breath without being charged). All the other forces assumed a defensive position, conceding the initiative and bracing for impact.

On the left, some lekilidon shenanigans, lancer flank charges and very effective breathing from the clan lord reduced the grotesques to whimpering abominations. The unblooded regiment and ghekkotah on the right managed to distract the grotesque horde long enough for the rhinos to all but claim the centre of the field.

Beginning of turn 8 (Salamanders)

At this point in the game, Salamanders have one secure objective gunning for the opponents side of the field whilst the Abyssal Dwarves have the central token (yellow star) and a dropped token (red cross) almost on top of a slave orc horde. Salamanders charged Orlaf and rhinos into the slave orcs, breaking them in one turn, flying clan lord breathed ineffectually at the halfbreed champ (whilst also positioning to take counters next turn) and ghekkotah charged grotesques in the rear. Despite only doing 2 wounds the grotesques were stunned at the little lizards audacity and wavered! (Double 6's here)

In the following Abyssal Dwarf turn, the halfbreed champ charged and wounded the clan lord but the drake was unimpressed. At this point, Negator conceded the game and we called it a day.

Thanks Negator for a great game that could have had a different result baring a 6,6 nerve test at the end! Abyssal Dwarves are always a hard matchup so I was pleased with the way my units were able to synergise and pull out a win!

I have more reports that I'll type up as I get time.

End of game (see notations)

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  • doppelganger says:

    Great report man!

  • Devean says:

    @Marwin. I get it. You don’t like the fact that these games were played over Universal Battle. That’s fine, I won’t ask you for a game. But leaving snide/unhelpful comments in every one of the UB batreps? That’s both uncalled for and honestly, unneeded. It’s annoying. Please stop. There’s plenty of other battle reports to comment on from people lucky enough to have local communities to play with so please do that. No reply from you is necessary, thanks.

  • Marwin says:

    Barbar in the Salamander’s salute? Let them play in the program, but at least they were able to experiment with the composition of the army …

  • Corathan says:

    Good assortment of pictures showing all the action. Nice job