Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Da ZShiny Dragonna Rida's werra to mucha

VS Elves
Prince Commander
Da battle startz ... shiny pointza Elva on horsa & dragon ... yikes

The goblin horde heard a rumbling in the far distance … the rocky ground started shaking heavier and heavier …
“W’as dis ?” shouted the Biggit towards the mage … “Hava the godz forsaken usas ?”

The noise was almost unbearable when the “High Commander of the Elves” reached the battlefield …
His calvary regiments all lined up, shining armor, spears ready for a thunderous change to spill filthy goblin blood …
When he flew high in the sky on his dragon ride … the cavalry got ready for the charge.

"Da's alotta of troubla" the biggit shouted ... This was not the kinda of elves army they were used to bashing ... this was something completely different ...

Turn 1

The dragon lord came down from the skies and landed on the hills to overlook the battle field. One of the cavalry units moved forwards while the other remained steady.
The mage unleashed a lightning bolt on a mawbeast pack causing it to be wavered.
The goblin units moved forward and a regiment of fleabags even managed to charge the dragon lord inflicting 3 wounds.

Turn 2

The dragon lord flew up again and charged into the goblin big it … causing it 6 wounds … but the fearless goblin was not impressed and remained steady.
The cavalry unit charged into the fleabags regiment and slaughtered them all.
The goblin biggit attacked the dragon lord and caused an additional wound …
The elven cavalry unit was charged by the trolls and received 4 wounds … but merely not enough to get them routed.

Turn 3

Both cavalry charged the trolls – one in the front and one in the flank … causing a whopping 48 die rolls .. the trolls did not survive.
The dragon lord attacked the biggit again and slew him down.
The goblin shooting phase caused some more wounds but nothing spectacular.
The dragon lord received a charge from a mawbeast pack but once again it could not damage the lord enough to drive him off …
The goblin horde moved slowly but steady towards the cavalry unit.
The goblin mincer charged the elven cavalry in the back wiping it out completely.

Turn 4

The cavalry unit and the dragon lord charged the goblin horde causing 18 casualties but the gobbo’s where to busy to notice that …
The elven mage fired a fireball on the mincer and destroyed it completely.
The goblin horde charged back into the cavalry and wiped them out completely.

Turn 5

The dragon lord flew behind the large goblin horde and instructed its dragon to unleash a fire bread on the goblin horde … causing additional casualties but the horde remained steady.
The mage unleashed a fireball on the remaining mawbeast troop and destroyed it.

Turn 6

The dragon prince commanded his beast to unleash its fire breath again on the goblin horde … once again causing severe casualties.
The mage threw a fireball but could not kill any … but the damage was too much to take for the horde and it ran away into all possible directions.
The goblin spitters, mage & sharpstick thrower all directed their fire to the big dragon – hoping that their combined firepower would drive the beast away but the goblin braveness once again was higher then their accuracy … none of them managed to inflict any damage …

Hence the battle was over and the dragon lord glazed over the battlefield … victory was his … but at what cost ?

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