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That elf has but a Nick on him

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NIck is a lovely player to face, he's still relatively new to the game and as such over cautious to committing his units as I pointed out to him. He's also one of those glorious bastard painters. Unfortunately this also means he's slow at painting so a lot of his army is just bases. To be honest I completely spanked him. I lost just two regiments of immortal guard if I remember correctly. To which he had very little left. I do however think it is a battle he'll learn a lot from. He had a point where he should have triple charged with his two regiments of drakon riders and his drakon lord, yet instead he chose to fly past and try and set up a flank charge with one regiment and his lord and back up with the other regiment. This allowed me to throwing mastiff and dragon fire team the lord and regiment in the flank piece meal. He had some hunters on the wild that he hid behind an ocstacle leaving him unable to be shot but also to charge. he then also charged a unit of immortal guard in the flank, whilst hindered, instead of the greater obsidian golem (he had the hammer of measured force).he should have charged the golem he'd have probably have killed it but even if he hadn't he'd have been safe from being charged by the immortal guard. this just instead led him to being eaten by the golem and the immortal guard

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Abyssal Dwarfs
Darth Toiletroll