Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Robbing the botherhood of the forest

2000+ POINTS
Abyssal Dwarfs
Darth Toiletroll
VS Kingdoms of Men
Michael Roberts

This battle was Against one of my regular opponents Michael Roberts. I love playing Michael, as he's super laid back and it's always a fun game. we were playing eliminate
Michael won and chose to go first advancing up so that he was in charge but I wasn't then chose to shoot at a horde of golems, he did a couple of wounds but who cares.
I retaliated by sticking my two hordes behind a fence to hinder any charges considering he's all cavalry. and moving into the woods with my greater golem and the two immortal guard on my left flank. On my far right the slave orcs moved up to threaten and bait, whilst Ba'u'su (Let's just call him Baz from now on) hid on the flank of one of the orcs to prevent him being charged by the order of the forsaken. the immortal guard on the right wavered his fast cav with the puppies.
This then went horribly for me. the Immortal guard on the right were charged by his order of the brotherhood who did 13 wounds and pimp slapped the cack out of them. the order of the forsaken leap frogged the first slave orcs and ate the second regiment (D'oh). The horde of initiates Charged the greater elemental got bane chanted then did 22 wounds on him (WTF). on the plus side the water elementals only did 4 wounds and bounced off one of the elemental hordes. whilst the annoying beasts shot a regiment of immortal guard (these arsehats were a proper pain all game and well worth their points).
I shots them back but only managed to waver whilst they charged and were ineffectual (they did eventually kill one of the regiments of immortal guard on the left flank. I eventually stopped trying to bat them in combat and sot them over the remaining turns to kill them both.
the Horde of golems eventually killed the water elementals and made their way towards the archers. the other horde along with one of the immortal guard eventually killed the initiates and claimed the centre objective or moved up towards the archers in case of a seventh turn.
the Slave orcs rear charged the fast cav and only managed 11 wounds. I was rolling like crap but it was enough. they then got soundly eaten by the knights of the brotherhood. The forsaken knights were killed by Baz in one turn who then went on to eventually kill the order of the brotherhood.
Baz and one of the hordes of golems finished by wavering the archers (they only managed 8 wounds between them, thank pizza jesus for brutal).
there was no turn seven so it ended their. Michael had 2 standards, a wizard and the archers left and had killed the greater golem for 2 victory points, whilst I had the centre and had killed all his bounty units in combat.
sound victory for me, but I really thought he had it in the bag from turn two. you wouldn't believe how good his knights of the brotherhood were rolling to hit. thankfully against Baz they only had crushing one. He was one off wavering him one turn as he got him up to 10 wounds at one point.

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Abyssal Dwarfs
Darth Toiletroll