Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Into the Basileans Hanleymon

2000+ POINTS
Abyssal Dwarfs
Darth Toiletroll
VS Forces of Basilea
Kevin Hanley

This Battle Was against Kevin Hanley's Lovely Basileans. He had Gnaeus Sullust, Ur-Elohi, Priest with inspiring and bane chant, phoenix, horde of elohi with blessing, 2 troops of panther lancers, a regiment of paladin knights, with blood of the old king, horde of sisterhood infantry, regiment of men at arms, troop of paladins and 2 troops of penitents.
We were playing Pillage and rolled 7 objectives(Bollocks). Any way the set ups you can see towards the back of the pictures.
Kevin went first (Because I made him hehehehe). He started by moving up my right flank with all his cavalry and Hi phoenix. He positioned on troop of panthers to hit one of my immortal guard in the flank. I countered by flaming and vicious puppying the panthers bye bye. on the opposite flank the slave orcs ran up to claim two objectives(They would stay there til turn six when his horde of sister had to attack one regiment twice to kill them. He only managed seven wounds each turn due to hindered charges. they weren't charging him back as that would just wipe them out easier mwuahaha).
Bas'u'su charged the Ur-Elohi and got stuck in pillow fight for 3 turns til he finally killed him denying him an objective. He then went on to wipe out the elohi and then the troop of paladins that were both claiming objectives.
In the middle one horde of golems sat on an objective got flanked by the elohi who killed them in one turn, they then counter charged the other horde of golems who failed spectacularly. with a troop of penitents and a flank with the paladin troop they eventually killed the horde over two turns. The big special golem charged the knights and took it out over two turns and eventually managed to bum Gnaeus who had the check to attack his master, denying him an objective and claiming it, eventually also killing the penitents who were trying to contest his objective. I love surge.
The phoenix was a massive pain in the arse all game.killing 2 dragon fire teams and healing people.
His regiment of men at arms tried to claim the objective in the swamp only to be repelled by the iron caster who made them bounce of to being 4 inches away from the objective (love defence 5).
Good game and very close. would have been a drawer if it hadn't been for turn 7.

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Abyssal Dwarfs
Darth Toiletroll