Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Death over Korgaan

2000+ POINTS
VS The Varangur
The Sinister Depths
setup of the battle
End of turn 3
Perspective 1 of battle finale
Perspective 2 of battle finale

Croathus continues his rampage across the world of Mantica, although only just barely this time.

2000 points
Scenario: The Opening of the Ways
Victory: Undead
attrition points: Undead routed 1710 points of Varangur
Varangur routed 1280 points of Undead

Turn 1: turn 1 was mostly uneventful for both sides, they both advanced somewhat cautiously with the Varangur taking the most precautions.

Turn 2: The werewolves charged one of the Magus on the right flank, causing 5 wounds bu ailing to route him. Cursed PHaroah charges the Mounted Sons and causes 4 wounds, does not waiver. Zombies move forward and pivot, rest of army stands still. For the Varangur, the Mounted Sons fail to kill the Cursed Pharaoh. The undisoderdered magus causes 3 wounds on the werewolves, which doesn't do anything. The Bloodsworn charge the zombie legion in the front while the Chimera charges its flank, wiping it in one go.

Turn 3: The Werewolves corkscrew charge the Mounted Sons flank along with the Soul Reavers charging the front. Barrow wights fly over and are surged into the flank of the Bloodsworn, failing to route them after causing 14 wounds. Revenant Cavalry charges the Red unit of Sons and causes two wounds. Revenants on foot have a hindered charge at the Chimera and fail to route him. On the Varangur side of the battle the direfangs get a flank charge against the werewolves and devour them whole. The Bloodsworn charges the wights, but fail to route them. The Red sons charge the Revenant Cavalry and route them.

Turn 4: The Wights charge the bloodsworn and finish them off. The Soul Reavers charge the Red Sons and route them in one go, then turn to face the flank of the Direfangs. Revenants still fail to kill the chimera. Mummies move to and stand on top of far right token. For the Varangur, Direfangs turn to face the Soul Reavers. Blue Sons unit charges the wights and pops them, and both magi fail to do anything with any of their lightning bolts.

Turn 5: Soul reavers charge Magus #1, kill him and overrun into Magus #2, kill him and fail to overrun into the Direfangs. Cursed Pharoah does 3 wounds to direfangs but nothing else. The Revenants on foot finally kill the Chimera and reform away from the Blue Sons who are sitting on the center token. On the Varangur turn the direfangs kill the pharaoh and overrun into the Soul Reavers, but fail to route them. The Blue sons do not charge the Revenants.

Turn 6: The Soul Reavers charge the Direfangs and manage to route them. They are still quite a ways away from the far left token. Revenants fail to kill the Blue Sons. At this point unless there is a turn 7 it will be a tie. Varangur turn sees the Blue sons kill the Revenants.

TURN 7!: A lucky turn 7 is rolled and the Soul Reavers move up to claim the far left tokens and the game ends with the Varangur in posession of one token, and the Undead in possession of 2. The ways are opening!

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