Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Edge of the Abyss loss

2000+ POINTS
VS Dwarfs
Steele Dwarf Legion
Battle setup
End of turn 3
End of game

This battle was actually more of an exhibition game where I gave some advice but allowed someone else to play my army and made all of the final decisions. Don't worry, there will be a rematch coming much later against the steele legions.

Turn 1 went well with the undead basically holding the line while the werewolves advanced up one side of the battle line. Beyond that, the dwarves didn't even move almost, except for some extremely cautious advancement by some of the brock riders on the one side.

Turn 2 started off a little differently, the Revenant Cavalry advanced up to within charge range for one unit of brock riders, and the wereweolves attempted to re-deploy, and ran away from the dwarves on the right flank. The brock riders on the left flank charged the revenant cavalry but didn't route them. The dwarves on the right flank did not pursue the werewolves and instead refocused their efforts on the center of the board.

Turn 3 saw the zombies surge into a flame belcher and barely managed to kill it. This left them in a bad position however as no matter how they turned they were leaving a flank open to another unit of berserkers. The cursed pharoah charged the organ cannon on the right flank, and the revenants charged the brock riders. The pharaoh killed the cannon and refaced to prepare to be hit by the earth elementals. The revenants merely bounced off the brock riders and waited for oblivion. The brock riders killed the revenants, the earth elementals in the middle hit the pharaoh and bounced off and the berserkers charged the zombies and managed to off them in one go.

Turn 4 saw the Soul Reavers charge the brock riders, but didn't have it in them to finish them. The werewolves charged one unit of berserkers on their side of the board and weren't able to pop them as they were hindered. The pharaoh charged the earth elementals and didn't do hardly anything to them. The dwarf player moved his right flank up and charged the pharoah with the elementals and the soul reavers with the brock riders, but didn't do more than 3 points of damage. The elementals didn't really hurt the pharaoh much, either. The two units of berserkers in the middle charged the revenant infantry and managed to route them in one go with some help from the Earth elemental regiment.

Turn 5, the werewolves popped the one unit of berserkers and then turned their eyes on the unit of ironclad behind them. The lykanis and the other unit of werewolves moved up to try and prepare for a joint charge. The soul Reavers finally popped the Brock Riders on the far side and the Pharaoh ran away to help them. The dwarves only shuffled around this turn, only managing to charge the pharaoh with a unit of berserkers and kill him finally.

Turn 6 was pretty big. The werewolves charged the ironclad and killed them in one go. The Soul Reavers didn't accomplish much as all they did was charge the Earth Elementals and didn't cause nearly enough damage. On the dwarf turn the Berserker lord charged the Lykanis and his Brock riders charged a unit of werewolves, both of them killing their quarries, so that at the end of the game only the Soul Reavers, a horde of werewolves, a necromancer, and a liche king were left standing.

Sound victory for the dwarves.

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