Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

ICD batrep 1

2000+ POINTS
VS The Varangur
End of the game

Due to the speed with which these games went by I didn't get many pictures of the actual battle, but it was a really close call. It came down to attrition overall, this was scenario 3A from the Australian time zone. Reverse Loot.

We agreed that the victor would be able to report the battle in the theatre of his choice. With this in mind we set about moving into the first turn. Both of our armies were rather aggressive based, surprisingly the Varangur had more drops than my undead, but it ended up working out well after a lucky lightning bolt finished off a jabberwock that was positioned to hit the flank of my barrow wights. The smaller number of drops actually helped minimize congestion and allowed me to get off a few key charges without allowing other units to charge me back.

In the end we both had two tokens on the opposite table side. It came down to attrition scores where I had routed 895 points of Varangur and he routed only 490 points of my undead.

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