Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Opening the Ways

2000+ POINTS
VS The Varangur
Start of turn 1
End of turn 3
End of game

The Revenant King surveyed the crossroads where the Varangur Raiders had decided to make their final stand. Four tears in the fabric of reality were beginning to form in the area and the undead sorcerers were keen to claim them and open them up into the Ways, thus letting forth new horrors upon the world. It was strange that the Varangur would decide to stop here in order to fight, but the King did not question it too harshly and instead arrayed his forces for battle.

Turn 1: The Undead advance quickly on the left flank, while the zombies take up position on one of the tokens, accompanied by one of the troops of mummies. The varangur side of the game saw a cautious advance that didn't really accomplish much, however, a unit of tundra wolves did charge the cursed pharaoh and put 5 wounds on him.

Turn 2: The wights charge the tundra wolves, the rest of the right flank advances. The wights kill the tundra wolves in one go. The mummies in the middle advance towards the center of the varangur battle line and the cursed pharaoh moves to position himself in front of the center unit of fallen so as to guard the wights flanks. The Varangur advance up the center of the field, the devourer is cautiously positioning to be able to charge either the mummies or the zombie legion, The unit of fallen and the bloodsworn charge the pharaoh and take him off in one go, but that leaves the fallen's flank exposed.

Turn 3. The undead battle line reforms, and the mummies are surged into the flank of the fallen, causing 6 wounds and waivering them. On the Varangur turn the Devourer charges the other unit of mummies, and does 3 wounds is all, failing to route them and the other unit of tundra wolves charges the unit of archers on the hill, killing them. Other than that, not much else happens.

Turn 4: The mummies charge the flank of the fallen again, and the wights and trolls dual charge the bloodsworn, neither of them route but the fallen are waivered again. The mummies on the right flank pull off some surge shenanigans and flank charge the devourer, killing it in one shot. they reform to face the wolves in their rear. The Revenant King charges the unit of fallen on the far left flank and causes them 3 wounds, but prevents them from flank charging the wights next turn. On the Varangur turn the bloodsworn charge the trolls but by some fluke of nature manage to not route them. The tundra wolves charge the zombie legion in the flank and the mounted sons charge them in the front, killing them in one go with Herja charging the other flank. The fallen charge the revenant king and put 6 wounds on him.

Turn 5: The Mummies route the middle unit of Fallen, the trolls and wights kill the bloodsworn, the Revenant king puts 5 more wounds on the other unit of Fallen and waivers them. The Mummies on the right flank surge into the tundra wolves but only waiver them. On the Varangur side, the Mounted sons take off for the token on the far right of the board, Herja charges the Necromancer because she can't see the mummies and kills him. Both the Magus and the skald charge the trolls and almost pop them by causing one wound but they roll a four to route and so they stick around.

Turn 6: The Wights and the Revenant King finish off the horde of Fallen and the mummies claim the middle token while the Revenant infantry claims the far left token. The other unit of mummies finishes off the tundra wolves. On the Varangur turn the mounted sons claim one of the far right tokens and Herja finishes off the one unit of mummies. The game ends with Undead holding 2 of the 4 tokens and the Varangur holding 1.

Another undead victory!

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