Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Edge of the Abyss

2000+ POINTS
VS Salamanders
End of Undead turn 1
End of turn 3
End of Game

Croathus looked across the ash-covered city. An army of the human Brotherhood had passed through only the previous week and cleaned the city clear of the Abyssal demons who had previously occupied this previously abandoned Brotherhood city with its towering cathedral dominating the eerily lit landscape. Once the Brotherhood had secured their holding, they had left it in the hands of an army of Salamanders who were waiting for further reinforcements of their own and agreed to hold the city while the Brotherhood continued their crusade.

Now, Croathus had come and the battle would begin again.

This battle was 2,000 points of Undead vs. Salamanders
The theatre was Edge of the Abyss
Undead won by 210 points

Turn 1: The undead advanced cautiously on the right flank, not daring to step too far out of the line to invite catastrophe. On the left flank the lone unit of werewolves with the Lykanis sped up to try and put pressure on the enemy side, in their eagerness they overextended themselves so that in the Salamander turn the horde of werewolves was charged and devoured by a horde of flame elementals. On the other flank the Salamanders moved up just as slowly as their undead opponents.

Turn 2: The Cursed Pharoah charged the unit of Ghekotoah Hunters and the regiment of Revenant Cavalry charged the other unit of Hunters. The Revenants killed their unit, but the cursed Pharoah managed only to waiver his, the Lykanis charged the unit of fire elementals and managed to put 5 wounds on them, but to no avail. The zombies attempted to surge across the board and assault a unit of fire sprites across from the graveyard from them but fell short by considerable inches. On the Salamander turn the regiment of lancers set themselves up and attacked the unit of Revenant cavalry, killing the revenants but placing them on top of the hill. The zombies were hit from the front and side by fire sprites and suffered several wounds, but held strong. The Fire elementals on the far flank hit the Lykanis, but only managed to put 4 wounds on him and he held for another turn. The other unit of Fire Elementals attempted to surge into the side of the Soul Reaver Cavalry which had unwisely left their flank exposed but fell short by a single inch. The Revenant cavalry was crushed by the primes.

Turn 3: The Werewolves on the right flank and the cursed pharaoh charged the lancers and dealt several wounds to them, routing them in the process. The Soul Reavers and the Revenant infantry charged the unit of Fire Elementals and crushed them into oblivion. The Lykanis put a few more wounds on the unit of Fire Elementals he was facing down but still not nearly enough to route them. The zombies charged one of the units of fire sprites and routed them, as well. On the Salamander turn the Fire elementals still managed to fail to route the Lykanis, only wavering him. The primes charged the werewolves and didn’t manage to finish them off, the hunters charged the pharaoh and managed to put a few wounds on him, enough to ground him. The remaining fire sprites, the greater fire elemental, and two priests with blood boil managed to finish off the zombies, and that was all for turn 3.

Turn 4: The revenants charged one of the priests and routed him, and overran into the other one and would have routed him had they not rolled double ones, which left them in a precarious position. The Soul Reavers and the werewolves charged the prime horde and routed them then turned to face the oncoming foe. The pharaoh also charged the primes with the Soul Reavers this turn. The Lykanis, still stunned from his fight, simply stood there and waited to be finished by the fire elementals. On the Salamander turn the greater Fire elemental and the other unit of fire sprites charged the revenants and routed them in one go (with the fire elemental hitting them in the side flank) and the lesser fire elementals finally finishing off the Lykanis, but at this point were almost out of the game because they were far removed from the action. The Primes charged the Werewolves and finished them off

Turn 5: The Soul reavers charged the unit of Ember sprites and managed to route them by themselves. The Pharaoh jumped up on the hill and fired a blast of bloodboil of his own at the ghektoah priest, but failed to wound. The Salamander turn was less productive, the greater elemental charged into the Soul Reavers but only did one wound, which was not even close to enough. The lesser elementals were scrambling to make it back into the battle but didn’t manage to make it.

Turn 6: The Soul Reavers charged the Greater Elemental, but without their thunderous charge were only able to put about 8 wounds on him, which was not enough to route him. The Pharoah tried in vain to kill the ghektoah priest again. The Salamander turn was less productive as the Greater Elemental still failed to put a dent in the Soul Reavers, and even though the lesser elementals managed to make it in there, they also had a terrible turn and the Soul Reavers stayed around for another turn.

Turn 7: Even though a turn 7 was rolled, everyone managed to fail to accomplish anything on both sides and at the end turn 7 was completely unchanged from the end of turn 6.

Final Score: Undead had routed 1325 points of Salamanders
Salamanders routed 1110 points of Undead

Undead victory!

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