Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Twilight Glades Victory

2000+ POINTS
VS Elves
setup of the battle
End of turn 3
End of game

Battle at the Twilight Glades using the scenario "Opening of the Ways" from the Edge of the Abyss sourcebook.
2000 points
Undead (evil) vs Elves (good)
Undead Victory
Attrition points: Undead routed 1320 of the Elves and Elves routed 620 points of Undead
Undead held 2 of the 3 pillage objectives at the end of the battle, Elves held 1

Turn 1: Undead began with an aggressive push forward, particularly from the werewolves on their right flank rushing up to attack the elven archers, they stayed out of charge range for the palace guard set to keep safe the archers. The rest of the army advanced at their shambling speed as much as they were able. The Elves advanced cautiously on their turn, only shifting some of their units slightly in preparation for the coming werewolf advance, in particular they split their unit of Tall Spears and a second unit of palace guard to form a wedge. The Silverbreeze troop fired their bows at the Cursed Pharoah and waivered him with a lucky double six roll.

Turn 2: The werewolves dual charged the regiment of Palace Guard on the far right flank and demolish it in one hit. The Lykanis moved up behind these two units in order to offer support. The left flank of the Undead shambled steadily forward as well and managed to overtake two of the objectives that they would then sit on for the rest of the game with the Revenant infantry horde and the zombie legion holding one apiece. The Elves charged their Dragon Lord into the far horde of werewolves and devoured them whole. The archers shot the other unit of werewolves and caused a measely 4 wounds, which wasn't enough to cause any real damage. Beyond that the Silverbreeze charged my troop of Revenant Cavalry and failed to cause a single wound.

Turn 3 was where things got interesting. My Soul Reaver cavalry squeezed off a very precise flank charge against the angled unit of Tall Spears, causing 24 wounds and then rolling snake eyes to route, left them around for another turn. My flying cursed pharoah hit the unit of Palace Guard sitting on the Soul Reaver's flank and put 4 wounds on them, and waivered them. My Revenant Cavalry dual charged along with my zombie legion into the Silverbreeze and demolished them, after which I repositioned my cavalry to face the elven battle line. My werewolves charged the dragon lord and managed to put 4 wounds on him, which wasn't enough to accomplish anything while my Lykanis attacked the dragon as well, and caused a few points of damage, but not enough. The Elf turn came around after that and the Tall Spears charged the Soul Reaver Cavalry, while the Drakkon riders flew over the Soul Reavers and slammed into my Revenant Troop, eating them where they stood and then turned to face the zombies behind them. The Tall Spears managed to only put 6 wounds on the Soul Reavers and thus didn't even waiver them. The elven archers shot the unit of werewolves and routed them, as well, which would be the last victory for the elves in this battle. The Green Lady healed the Tall Spears down to 14 wounds after their regen from the formation brought it down to 19, and the mage healed the archers for 2 points taking their total down to 8 or so.

Turn 4: The Soul Reavers counter charged the Tall Spears again, this time managing to route them successfully. The Cursed pharoah once again managed to waiver the Palace Guard, and in a surprising turn of events the zombie legion charged the Drakkon Rider horde and with the help of the Liche King's bane chant they managed to inflict 8 wounds and roll high enough to route the unit who unwisely sat outside of any source of inspiring. On the other side of the board the Lykanis flank charged the archers and caused an additional 6 wounds on the archers. Due to the angle in which the dragon lord had been turned to attack the Lykanis, this charge took him out of the Dragon Lord's front arc so on the elven turn he simply turned to blast the Lykanis with his breath weapon, but only put 4 wounds on him, which wasn't enough to do anything. The Green Lady and the mage healed the Palace guard down to 4 wounds and that was pretty much the Elf turn.

Turn 5: My Lykanis made a last charge against the archers and routed them. The Soul Reavers and Cursed Pharoah dual charged the Palace guard, caused 18 wounds between the two of them and then rolled snake eyes again to route them. The zombies and revenant infantry simply stood on their objectives. The Lykanis reformed to face the dragon lord. On the elf turn the palace guard charged the soul reavers but only put 4 wounds on them and failed to route or waiver them. The Green Lady and the Mage healed them down to 14 wounds. The Dragon Lord attacked the Lykanis but rolled a 3 when testing his nerve and failed to route him, succeeding only in waivering him.

Turn 6: My Soul Reavers charged the Palace guard and finally wiped them, then reformed to face the last objective, even though they couldn't make it even if they moved at the double. My Cursed pharoah flew over to stand next to the last objective and my Lykanis braced itself for oblivion staring down the Dragon Lord. On the Elf turn the Dragon Lord surprisingly jumped over the Lykanis and attacked the Cursed Pharoah, causing 5 wounds but as the Pharoah was fresh he only managed to waiver him. The Green Lady placed herself directly in front of the Soul Reavers as a screen against them charging the Dragon Lord.

Turn 7: We rolled a turn 7, which basically consisted of my Soul Reavers charging the green Lady and bouncing off of her. Then on the Elf turn the Elf player shot the Reavers with his breath weapon, which failed to do anything. That ended the game and gave Undead the victory with two objectives to the elf's one!

Final attrition Score
Undead scored 1320 Attrition
Elves scored 620

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