Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

ICD batrep 2

2000+ POINTS
VS The Empire of Dust

Again, due to how quickly these games went I didn't get many pictures, unfortunately. As it so happens this scenario had me playing as one of the good guys in the 4th battle of the American time block, but that was because I drew the short straw. We decided to up the points to 2000 for this scenario and played through it rather quickly. It was my opponent's fifth game, four of which he played at campaign day.

In all reality this game went pretty straight forward. We marched across the battlefield and met in the middle. Dice were rolled and the proudest moment was when my werewolves were able to route the demon god Urz'Rael off the table in the last turn, almost single handedly.

Again, there wasn't a whole lot of strategy employed in this battle, it was literally just a meat grinder,but at the end of the day it ended with me routing about 750 points of his army and him only taking off 230 points of mine. So a pretty solid victory for me.

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