Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Back to the woods!

2000+ POINTS
VS Ogres

Crag's had escaped from the Mountains guarded by the Dwarfs with more than a few scrapes, and decided that it would be wise to follow in the footsteps of the Great Goblin Hordes, that had surged from the plains into the edges of the Great Forest of Galahir.

It was easy enough to round up some fresh recruits to swell the diminished ranks, thanks in part to the Giant Bork who still followed Crag's orders.

Following a river into the edges of the Forest, the horde came upon their first obstacle. A large band of Ogres under the command of the feared mercenary Grokagamok, were barring the onward passage into the woods.
Crag's followers by far outnumbered the Ogres, but he could also see that there were two giants lurking in the cover of the tall trees as well.

Goblins prepare for battle
Ogres barring Goblins rightful way into the woods!

The Fleabags surged forwards on the left flank, and the rest of the line advanced cautiously into bow range. Crags cursed at the shoddy Goblin marksmanship though, as most of the arrows missed their mark, and the few wounds that the ogres suffered they shrugged off with ease.

"Must be on extra pay" Crag's muttered, those meddling druids must have found some more coin someplace to hire this big a band of Ogres. Now, if only Crag's could get past them to find it...

The Ogres sent their treacherous flea bags forwards into the Goblins cavalry, but they failed to make an impact in the ensuing clash of fur, teeth and goblins, finally turning and fleeing back into the woods as Crag's maw-beasts joined the fry.
The fleabags not in combat though were scattered and shredded by volleys from the Ogres with large crossbows however, who had a vantage on a small hill.

On the right flank, the Ogres and their giants emerged to face off vs Crag's ogre Bork, and a horde of goblins. The war-trombones there released deadly shrapnel into the Ogre warriors, cutting them down, but not before one ogre managed to smash one of the contraptions apart.

The Giant side stepped Bork, and smashed the other trombone, but behind him, his fellow giant was cut down by the trolls, who then carried on and became entangled in a long conflict with the Ogre General Grokagmok.

With the ogre giant distracted by the trombone, Bork smashed into the Ogre banner bearer, then turned to consider the remaining Ogre giant, who thought better of the confrontation, and headed off towards the trolls, while the goblin horde fired arrows at his retreating back, and pelted him with dung. Unfortunately, more threw dung than fired arrows, and the giant seemed happy to ignore them.

Fleabags face off from both armies
Ogres clear off Goblins left flank
Maw-beasts distract Giant, while Trolls line up to charge in!
Giants face off
Ogres close in on the left, while Grokamok holds back the trolls,
Crag's chariot gets stuck in the mud.

As the battle ground on, Crags could see the Ogre lines approaching from the left flank. The Goblin right was doing well, but the ogre Mercenary captain was holding back the trolls.
Annoyingly, those Ogres shooters were still standing on their hill, ignoring the bolts and darts heading their way as well.

Whipping the wolves on he set his chariot forwards towards the shooters, only for a wheel to get stuck in the mud and then the axle snapped.
Crag's had to abandon the chariot, just as the Ogre warriors appeared from over the hill on his left.

Final face off as night draws in.

As Crag's ran from the field of battle, all still looked well, but the trolls turned from the Ogre warriors and siege-breakers as they closed in on the goblins holding the woods.

Unfortunately for the tolls, they had forgotten that the ogre shooters had legs, and they were shocked when the crossbow wielding warriors crashed into their flank, sending the trolls into a blind panic.

Finally, the remaning ogre giant cut down Bork with a mighty swing of his axe.

One horde of goblins were left, holding the woods on the right, but the rest of the field belonged to the Ogres.

Ogres take the field!

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  • Keef Ditchards says:

    Bah, darn ogres. I am sure Crags has another army up his evil cunning sleeve. Nicely written as well.

  • Marwin says:

    Very beautiful army, excellent report!

  • Crags says:

    Bloodwild, I also play Vs Ogres a lot, only excuse I can give for the Troll’s being slammed by the Shooters is lack of thought in a desperate turn 7 bid for a win. I’d spent the rest of the game trying to get rid of the shooters, but the Fleabags had been blocked by the rest of the ogre army, Crag’s on his Chariot had failed the yellow belly role, and the shooting I’d sent had been lacking in effect and reduced by the “iron resolve”. Ah well, should learn.

  • Bloodwild says:

    Weird, cut off the rest of my comment … I play against Ogres often and learned quickly that the Shooters etc. are more than able to fight up close. =)

  • Bloodwild says:

    Nice batrep! Well played.

  • Baron William Kastillien says:

    Well done ogres!

    Nice looking board and armies
    and also a well written report