Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Rumble in the woods

VS Ogres

Crag's goblin hordes had found a nice quiet spot of woodland to fell some timber from, but heard a commotion from the edge of the forest. The horde moved out to investigate, and on seeing an ogre battle line formed into tight ranks and hurried forward. The fleabags raced off down the east flank.

The ogres held their ground, turning to watch the skirting fleabags.

As the Goblins closed the wiz and biggit Crag began sending arrows and bolts into the ogre lines. The ogres shrugged off the wounds and held firm.

Finally, as the rabble horde neared the ogres the boomers fired a volley into the ranks. In replay the goblin spitters, Wiz and wartrombone let rip, shaking the boomers and causing them to fall back.
The fleabags raced into the flank of the ogres giant, only to trip over in a heap and suffer a few hefty whacks from the giant in return.

Finally, the ogres charged forward, hitting the rabble hard but not enough to send them running yet. Attacks on the trolls failed to make any impact.
The trolls and mincer retaliated, killing a group of ogres and surging on towards the seige breakers.

Seeing a target the seige breakers smashed into the trolls rending them asunder, while the giant cleared the fleabags away, and the boomers and ogre warriors saw off the rabble horde and war trombone.

Seeing their fellows scattered and smeared over the woodland, the mawbeasts refused to charge in, and it was left to the spitters, Wiz and biggit to hold off the ogres with a hail of missiles.

As the ogres shuddered under the missiles, the mawbeasts raced in and finished off the bleeding ogres. The boomers were cleared away by lightning stokes, but the giant and seige breakers pushed on towards the woodland to finish off the remaining Goblins.
Seeing how these brutes had dealt with the trolls and fleabags, the remaining Goblins decided to leave the woods and find somewhere else to make camp.

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