Edge of the Abyss

The Kings of War Global Campaign

Dancing on lava!

VS Ogres

Battle at the Volcano 1200 points

Crags had gathered the scattered goblins back to his banner, after the bloody clash with the ogre mercenaries in the Forest of Galahir.
Heading away from that encounter Crags had lead the goblins into the scorched lands where the Daemons spawned from, where so many other armies were gathering, in the hope of finding an unguarded supply train that the goblins could raid.

As they crossed over the shattered hills a small band of ogres was spotted, and seeing that they had the advantage of surprise on their side, Crags unleashed the Fleabags and sent the war-band forwards into the fray.

Goblins surge forward, releasing a few arrows into the unsuspecting Ogres, but failing to hit many of the foe due to the smoke filled sky.
Ogres shoot back, but the goblins ignore the few casualties, with their eyes fixed on looting the supply wagons the ogres guard.
Fleabags and Giant smash into the ogres!

While the giant and fleabags gleefully charged down from on high into the Ogres, the trolls and mawbeasts made short work of a troop of the Ogres fleabag scouts, who had roamed too far ahead.

Crags and the goblin spitters continued to fire on the ogres, causing the boomers to question their commitment to the battle, while on the right flank, the fleabags that had been previously shot at continued into the ogres wielding the massive crossbows.

Only the crossbow armed Ogres held, the rest falling to the onslaught.

Seeing the tide of battle in their favour the goblin horde pushed on, closing with the ogres to get better shots, and Crags sent his chariot onto the hill to add to the carnage with some well placed shots of his own.

The giant careered on through smashed ogre bodies, into the boomers on the hill, who took one look at his gore covered club and ran.

Young Oddbit, the biggit, was charged by the Ogres giant, but managed to duck and dive under the blows, and pull the beast he was riding round, to dodge out of the giants reach.

Meanwhile, the trolls continued to close in.

Rocks were raining from the rear of the goblin lines onto the heads of the ogres on the hill with amazing accuracy.
The lads had somehow perfected the art of judging their war-machine, with every throw of its arm resulting in more carnage in the ogre lines!

Under this onslaught, the ogres turned and fled, some falling as yet more rocks and arrows found their mark.

The remaining fleabags scouting for the ogres made an attempt to strike back at their free counterparts, urged on by the banner bearer behind them, but they could not match the ferocity of Crags fleabag riders, who overwhelmed them.

Ogres giant surrounded by goblin army.

Finally, only the ogres giant was left, battling it out with the trolls, who held him in place long enough for the goblins giant to crash into his side, and send him sprawling.

Crags surveyed the devastation.

Only a single regiment of Fleabags had been lost, shot and then mauled by the Ogre shooters, but they would be easily replaced, and there was looting to do.

The goblins whooped, and charged on to plunder the now unguarded supply wagons!

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